United Airlines is waiting for Boeings. Pilots are being pushed into unpaid leave

United Airlines is waiting for Boeings. Pilots are being pushed into unpaid leave
United Airlines is waiting for Boeings. Pilots are being pushed into unpaid leave

Due to the lower longevity of the new planes, the number of hours United Airlines pilots had to work is estimated. Thanks to the unpaid leave, American airlines can better correct the consequences of the excess sweat of female employees, which is not applicable for the current day, Bloomberg reported.

Headed by the United Airlines company, there are a lot of female employees in all of their jobs, for whom there is no work due to the missing planes. That is why the airline is now asking pilots to take unpaid leave in May. The management of the company has not yet specified how many flight hours it wants to save this time.

However, the head of the American airline does not respect his union. The pilots’ association says that the unpaid leave could be extended until the end of the summer, or even fall. The addition of new aircraft is also very popular on the part of Boeing. The call from the airline also comes at a time when the entire sector is facing a mass shortage of pilots, which could occur within five years. The work can be done quickly, and the new Germans don’t come.

Replacing Boeing, competing with Airbus?

The head of the United Airlines company is now announcing that it would buy another plane from competitor Airbus. According to editor-in-chief Scott Kirby, the January incident of the Boeing 737 MAX 9, in which a door panel fell out of the fuselage shortly after takeoff, was the last straw that broke the neck of the agreed-upon extension of the new planes.

According to information from the Bloomberg agency, the United Airlines company should be particularly interested in Airbus A321neo. The company uses Boeing much more than American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, the main competitors in the industry.

United Airlines was supposed to receive 80 Boeing MAX 10 aircraft this summer. In total, this company should receive 277 of them in five months and years. MAX 9.

The airline company United Airlines has announced that due to production problems at Boeing, it had to stop the originally planned recruitment of new pilots. Some airlines reacted similarly, including Southwest Airlines, which will hire 50 percent fewer new pilots and 60 percent fewer flight attendants this year compared to the original hiring, Bloomberg concluded.

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