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Jan Matoušek

1 hour ago

More expensive, but still cheap. At the end of March, Dacia presented the Czech price list of the third Duster, and although the basic price tag has increased, it still manages to stay reasonably low. The following overview of the cheapest SUVs on the Czech market shows how cheap the new product actually is (or isn’t). At the same time, only two models fit under the threshold of 400 thousand crowns.

Photo: Peugeot

Peugeot 2008 – CZK 465,000

As you can see several times in the overview of the most affordable SUVs in the Czech Republic, at least some cars get cheaper year-on-year. Here by a bit, elsewhere by a good chunk. An example can be the Peugeot 2008, which opens the ten cheapest. With a turbocharged three-cylinder 1200 with a power of 74 kW and a manual six-cylinder, it starts at 465 thousand crowns, which is five thousand less as part of the promotional discount than last year at the end of the holidays, when we last did a similar overview.

The SUV is equipped with Active, which includes, among other things, automatic air conditioning, a radio with a ten-inch screen, emergency braking, a lane assistant, rear parking sensors or front and rear LED lights.

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