The Tamehu power plant is for sale due to disputes with the Liberty Ostrava smelter


The owners of Tameh, which supplies the Liberty Ostrava smelter with electricity and operating gases, are approaching potential buyers of the company. Tameh is insolvent, and unless he can reach an agreement with Liberty – which would mean making some concessions – the smelter plans to operate without him. However, Tameh may change hands in the interim.

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Initial production at Liberty Ostrava is at a standstill, the smelter is looking for an alternative to energy supplies from Tameh. After him, he wants cheaper energy, while Tameh, on the other hand, demands the repayment of a debt of more than two billion, due to which he is insolvent, in order to restore supplies. Both sides resolve the stalemate, Liberty is looking for an alternative route and plans to install an alternative energy device.

According to information from SZ Byznys, one of the ways could be the sale of Tameh. The editors of SZ Byznys should have at their disposal a written offer for the sale of Tameh, with which the consulting company KPMG, which represents Tameh, turned to potential interested parties. Tameh confirmed the preparation of the sale.

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“It is a fact that one of the possible variants of the procedure in the reorganization of Tameh Czech is a sale in a tender procedure. However, it is not the only option, an agreement with Liberty Ostrava is still theoretically possible,” said Tameh’s spokesman Patrik Schober, adding that as part of the preparation of the sale-based option, a document was distributed identifying companies’ preliminary interest in participating in such a transaction.

“We want to reach out to local and international investors. Those who are interested in distressed assets and those doing business in the energy sector,” Igor Mesenský, a KPMG partner responsible for mergers and acquisitions who manages the sales process, told SZ Byznys.

For example, billionaire Pavel Hubáček’s Uced energy group, which is among the most important regional suppliers of energy for industry, is among the interested parties approached.

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“We are currently analyzing this possibility. In the region of North Moravia, the UCED group has been active for a long time and is interested in further strengthening its position,” UCED spokesman Daniel Mareš told SZ Byznys.

In the past, Tameh Czech was part of the Kunčice smelter, but it was separated years ago. The sale of the smelter from the hands of Lakshmi Mittal to the hands of Sanjiv Gupta without the power plant years ago was also strongly criticized by the trade unions.


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