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The Land Cruiser family builds on a colorful 70-year history, during which it managed to grow considerably. Today, the family tree is divided into three main parts: between the thoroughbred workhorse – the 70 series – and the flagship 300 is an off-road Toyota built primarily for Europe. “Our” Land Cruiser bears the designation “250” in the new generation, and there is certainly no risk of mistaking it for an aging 100.

Two faces

The appearance of the novelty has changed beyond recognition, the face, rear, and even a more angular silhouette (referring to historical models) are different. The customer even has a choice of two different fronts – the mundane version with rectangular LED lights is complemented by a retro design with round lights.

This was originally reserved only for the initial limited edition First Edition (the one in sand color with a white roof), but they say they like the headlights so much that they can be purchased as part of the original accessories. You will be able to adjust the face of the car according to your mood, all you need is a screwdriver and a little skill.

Photo: Toyota

The history of the Land Cruiser began in 1951. All its derivatives (including the LX and GX, i.e. those from Lexus) sold over 11 million units worldwide. One of the most sought-after Toyotas can be purchased in 170 countries today.

Paradoxically, although the new Land Cruiser has grown between generations, it has a more compact impression in person. Its length exceeds 4.9 meters, its width reaches two meters and its height reaches 1,935 mm. However, other numbers will be no less important for potential buyers: ground clearance of at least 221 mm, approach angles of 31 degrees at the front and 22 degrees at the back, the crossing angle is 25 degrees.

Photo: Toyota

The spare wheel is no longer carried on the back of the “lander”, it is located under the trunk and you can unlock it from below.

Robust modernity

We also find a lot of innovations in the cabin, in which you will still settle in very quickly. Screens play an important role here (in the higher trims, two 12.3″ displays represent the digital instrument panel and infotainment), but the classic buttons and rotary controls remain for controlling everything essential. Not only for the temperature, but also for off-road systems or manual cleaning of the solids filter. particles. The designers did not skimp on the edges inside, so the cabin feels robust and in some ways old-fashioned. Try counting all the buttons on the steering wheel, for example…


Photo: Toyota

You will no longer find analog alarm clocks in the chapel, the digital shield has a diagonal of 7 or 12.3 inches, depending on the equipment.

The car can accommodate five to seven passengers (depending on the version). In our five-seater model, with a height of 178 cm, I have a lot of space in front of my knees and above my head in both rows. For example, thinner backrests of comfortable seats also help, which, in addition to heating, spoil the crew with ventilation.

According to Toyota, the trunk can fit three large 86 cm suitcases plus two slightly smaller ones. But let’s stick to the classic metric – 1,063 liters is simply a huge portion. And after opening the lid, it’s as if a seemingly bottomless space peeked out at you. I praise one more small, but all the more useful gadget: The rear window can be opened independently.


Photo: Toyota

All that’s missing is a mattress and a sleeping bag, right?

Great on the road…

For the first familiarization kilometers, Toyota chose for us the wonderful scenery of the Scottish countryside. However, not because of the picturesqueness of the landscape there, but above all because of the diverse, not entirely simple conditions. The main roads here are covered with smooth asphalt, but the paths to the various cabins or farms are dirt roads full of rubble, gravel and unmistakable holes.

From the beginning, however, we stand on solid ground, where the Land Cruiser demonstrates great intergenerational progress. The same 2.8-liter turbocharged and diesel-fed heart still beats under the hood, but in combination with the new eight-speed automatic from Aisin, starts are smoother and the ride is more harmonious. Travel comfort is enhanced by the completely new frame structure of the GA-F platform, which, according to the creators, is fifty percent stronger and the entire car is 30% stiffer.


Photo: Toyota

In addition to comfort, intergenerational work has also been done on noise reduction. Despite the boxy body, aerodynamic swish inside is minimal.

Many may regret the absence of a higher number of cylinders, but even a four-cup does not put the Offrad icon to shame. Following the example of its predecessor, it boasts 204 horsepower and, above all, a torque of 500 newton meters. Acceleration will not pin you to the seat, but the engine will willingly pull in any situation. Let’s reserve the consumption assessment for the Czech basin, however, a quieter drive should easily push the average below ten liters. By the way, the fuel tank holds 80 liters, the AdBlue container holds seventeen.

The new electric power steering is noticeable during normal driving, but you will appreciate the other crutches in more demanding conditions: the Crawl Control system for easier cross-country ability, two differential locks (rear and central) and the hot new product of the current generation – the SDM system. Don’t confuse it with an abbreviation of a certain type of game, these three letters indicate a detachable stabilizer on the front axle (at the back, according to the creators, such a solution would not have the desired effect), with which the Land Cruiser can more easily navigate difficult terrain.


Photo: Toyota

In Scotland you can experience four seasons in half an hour. On the far left rests a piece with retro lights, the rest have a classic solution.

…and even better in the field

This brings us to the top of the introduction, which is an intense off-road insert. The Land Cruiser on fairly ordinary road tires drives as confidently as if it didn’t care what was happening under its wheels. He just takes a hearty bite and drives through the terrain like a knife through butter. You can play with the various options of the quad bike or driving modes, but even less experienced drivers don’t have to worry about a trip off the asphalt.


Photo: Toyota

This is how chief engineer Keita Moritsu laughs when we ask about the possibility of an electric Land Cruiser. No way, electric doping will arrive next year, but only in the form of a small mild-hybrid aid.

With active Crawl Control, you can choose how fast the 2.3-tonne box should “crawl” through the terrain, then just turn the steering wheel in the desired direction. Sometimes not even that, because in deep ruts the car drives… well, like on ruts. Add to that a smooth descent from a steep hill or trouble-free wading through a river, and suddenly we don’t doubt the words of the engineers that the novelty will take you to the end of the world.

It may sound strange when Toyota talks about going back to its roots in a car crammed with modern technology. But the Land Cruiser really went in this direction. Nowadays, it is an unprecedented traditionalist, who did not begrudge a normal engine and refined off-road capabilities, which further adorns it with decent travel comfort. Flight attendants and field assistants are just the icing on the cake.

With the increasing standard equipment, the price also increased. While the predecessor could be bought for less than a million and a half, the new model starts at 1,790,000 CZK. Those who want to be pampered with the highest equipment must prepare 2.2 million. Isn’t that not enough? We agree. Nevertheless, after the initial limit, it just got dusty.

Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser 250 (2024)
Engine in-line four-cylinder, turbocharger
Displacement volume 2,755 cm3
Performance 150 kW (204 hp) at 4,000 rpm
Torque 500 Nm at 1,600 rpm.
Transmission automatic, 8 degrees
Drive all wheel drive
Standby weight 2,330 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
Maximal speed 170 km/h
Consumption (combination)
Fuel tank volume 80 l
Dimensions (length/width/height) 4925/1980/1935 mm
Wheelbase 2,850 mm
Volume of the luggage compartment 1,063 l
Price from 1,790,000 CZK

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