Another breakthrough in the eDoklady application. Even the police already accept a citizen on the phone –


  • The eDocuments application is accepted in advance by police officers in the field
  • To prove your identity to a police patrol, you now only need your ID on your phone

From the beginning of April, the scope of the eDoklady application will be further expanded. The Ministry for Regional Development announced it last year and it went into operation in January of this year. At that time, Minister Ivan Bartoš promised that police officers in the field would receive the digital extract from the identity card in April. And it’s exactly like that.

The police accepts eDocuments

The editors of iDnes were the first to report that Deputy Prime Minister Bartoš’s January claim was true. Starting in April 2024, police officers in the field will accept a digital extract from the ID card, i.e. a code stored in the eDoklady application, when identifying persons. At the same time, the law requires the police to accept the digital version of the identity card only from July 2024.

Citizen application on the phone, eDokladyCitizen application on the phone, eDoklady

Don’t overlook

The citizen on the mobile is here. How to download the eDoklady application?

The news was also confirmed by the spokesman of the police presidium Ondřej Moravčík: “Yes, we can confirm that and I have no information of any problems.” However, it should be noted that the news only applies to police officers in the field, patrolmen and the like. You will still need a plastic card at the police station.

At the moment, in addition to the police in the field, central administrative authorities, i.e. all ministries, the Czech Statistical Office, the Government Office, the Czech Telecommunications Office and other similar state institutions accept the eDocuments application for identity checks.

In July “finančak”, in January the post office

A major expansion is expected in July, when the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies will be added, as well as financial authorities, employment offices, branches of the Czech Point company, various inspections (for example, the Czech Trade Inspection), the Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ) or the state and municipal police.

From January next year, postmen, notaries, bailiffs, schools, all state enterprises, but also private companies will also be required to accept eDocuments. According to available data, 331,000 citizens have so far registered for the eDoklady application. Let us recall that at the end of January, just a week after the application was launched, there were 217,000 citizens.

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