A fee even for just an email! Czech Post will increase the price of SIPO

From the beginning of October, Česká pošta will also charge a fee for the SIPO service for people who pay cashless via direct debit from a bank account and have the receipt sent to them by e-mail. Until now, these clients have had it for free.

Česká pošta will start collecting a fee of five crowns for automatically deducting the amount from the client’s account on the specified day, to whom the receipt will then be sent by e-mail. The price list will be adjusted from October 1.

According to the company, the reason is rising costs. “Česká pošta is reacting to the increasing costs of system administration and databases, thanks to which one payment is sent to multiple accounts that the SIPO payer has indicated,” Czech Post spokesman Matyáš Vitík told TN.cz.

People should therefore check the amount of their direct debit limit for SIPO with the bank and possibly increase it by at least five crowns. “We approached the lowest possible amount of five crowns, which only covers the increased costs,” Vitík explained.

Until now, payment by direct debit from the account and the subsequent sending of an electronic document was completely free. If the customer wants to send a document in paper form, he pays 15 crowns. People pay 25 crowns at the post office, 29 crowns at the delivery person.

If someone pays for a SIPO through a bank, there are two possible cases. “If the client receives a classic paper document and pays via a standing order, the bank’s fees apply. If he has a cashless SIPO, he will be affected by the change,” concluded Vitík.

According to Czech Post, 3,000,000 people use the service. SIPO, i.e. pooled collection of population payments, allows people to merge and send several payments to different companies into one. They are most often used to pay rent, utilities or concessionaire fees.

Price list from 1 October 2022:

SIPO for payers
Service Price in CZK
SIPO payment over the counter including sending the SIPO Payment Document – ​​cash 25
SIPO payment over the counter with customer card including sending the SIPO Payment Document – ​​cash 19
SIPO payment with the delivery person including sending the SIPO Payment Document – ​​cash 29
SIPO payment settled by one-off payment order including sending the SIPO Payment Document – ​​cash 15
SIPO payment by direct debit including sending the SIPO Payment Document – cashless by post 15
SIPO payment by direct debit including sending the SIPO Payment Document – cashless by e-mail 5
Creation of a SIPO Payment Document or reminders of outstanding SIPO payments to selected ones payments 5
Preparation of SIPO Payment Document – cash due to exceeding the collection limit 15
Production of receipts for SIPO payments made
– monthly 10
– quarterly 15
– semi-annual 25
– annual 50
Sending confirmation of completed SIPO payments by post 15
Revocation of the payer’s consent to a payment transaction 200
Source: Czech Post

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