The EU will discuss two proposals for solving energy prices in Prague

According to Síkela, two proposals now stand against each other. One envisages separating the price of gas from the price of the final power plant, which determines electricity prices. “This means that the high gas prices, which are the subject of the energy war, do not affect electricity prices,” said Síkela.

The second proposal wants to establish maximum prices for all other electricity productions except gas.

“We have a consensus across the states that it is the right moment for the Czech Republic to convene the council and that we must take certain steps. There is complete agreement that we have to liquidate those markets, that is, we have to provide traders with enough liquidity to be able to trade at all,” said Síkela. According to him, individual member states are already taking steps, but a pan-European solution may also be on the table.

According to him, the separation of gas and electricity prices can have pitfalls in that it can lead to higher gas consumption. And in Europe, under certain conditions, there may be a shortage of gas, Síkela said. According to him, the second proposal does not motivate higher gas consumption.

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Regardless of how the European negotiations turn out, the Czech Republic is also preparing its own solution. “I can confirm that negotiations are underway and measures are being prepared to ensure the stability of energy prices in the Czech Republic for all end users, both households, companies and the public sector,” said Síkela.

According to him, the negotiations are at a very advanced stage and only the details are being adjusted. The minister added that the measures would probably be individual for each sector.

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