Specialists: Bye-bye handsome Mark Lamboro, we had you


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There will certainly be a large group of viewers who were looking forward to the series Specialisté also because of Mark, who managed to work his way through projects for very undemanding viewers to such a high-quality and consistently popular series as Specialisté is.

And he certainly revived the series and it will be a great pity. Unfortunately, the creators did not mention anywhere whether after a year and a half he left of his own free will to devote himself more to the theater and other projects, or whether he fell out of favor with someone.

Specialists | Source: TV Nova

Vojta Vodochodský cannot avoid comparisons when he comes to his place. In recent months, viewers of the series have associated him with the role of a salesman in the series Golden Swan, but he does not get much space there, so the role of Captain Hájek will certainly be a big challenge for him. And that’s also because he looks very young. It has already been discussed on social networks and in discussions that the rank of captain already indicates a certain maturity and a long career, so it is a little less believable for such a young police officer.

The next premiere episode of the popular detective series called Undercover 2 will appear on the screens on April 1, and after the avalanche of fairy tales and film perennials that return to the screens for decades at the time of the holidays, the viewer can enjoy a criminal novelty.

Undercover 2 – Captain Matěj Karas says goodbye

Zuzana and Matěj are undercover in a luxury hotel and pretend to be a married couple in love. Matěj likes this game under a foreign identity, it brought him back to the old days. Moreover, he likes Zuzana and loses his self-control for a while in the position of her husband.

So far, Strouhal and Kovář manage to find the perpetrator who tried to drug the hacker David Bárta in order to force him to reveal key information. Thus, another investigative version appears, with which the police have to work. Captain Petr Hájek (Vojtěch Vodochodský), a police officer from the National Headquarters against Terrorism, Extremism and Cybercrime, also helps them with this.

All three of them come to Zuzana and Matěj at the hotel to help them with the investigation on the spot. But this case does not end with the discovery of the perpetrator for Major Strouhal (Martin Dejdar), because he still has to solve the problem of who to replace Matěj Karas (Marek Lambora), who decided to leave his team. And the solution was actually under his nose.

Of course, the change in the criminal team also meant a change in the actors. Marek Lambora left the filming of the popular crime series with a slight sense of nostalgia, which was underlined by a thank you in the form of a cake and flowers from the crew and TV Nova.

I had a lot of fun, and I would like to run somewhere again with a gun on my waist or in my hand, because I like it. I used to play soldiers as a boy, so I enjoyed it even now,

Marek described the year and a half he spent on the Specialistů square.

Thank you very much that the viewers gave the Specialists such a favor and that they probably liked Matěj Karas. And I wish the Specialists to have lots and lots more parts and to be able to solve all the cases,

he added in conclusion.

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