Dada Patrasova’s confession about cohabitation with Felix: They solved the divorce twice!

Dada Patrasova’s confession about cohabitation with Felix: They solved the divorce twice!
Dada Patrasova’s confession about cohabitation with Felix: They solved the divorce twice!

With his hitherto strictly guarded secret, Dada for the very first time Felix Slováček confided in the new document – magical Šumava, which will premiere next year. It discusses the musician’s life, and when Patrasová talks about the fact that she wanted to divorce twice because of her husband’s affairs, Felix does not oppose her at all. On the contrary. “What I do isn’t always right, but I can’t help it,” he reacts to his wife’s words even in the documentary. The second divorce, which was already handled by lawyers, was caused by Slováček’s recent romance with the artist Lucía Gelemová (41), who, as it should be, argued in public. However, for the first time, Dada wanted to divorce at the beginning of the marriage because of her husband’s various romances that were hidden from the public. Including the one he had with Jitka Zelenková (73). “I found them at home in bed,” even Patrasová claims.

Patrasová and Slováček in Lightning: We avoid people because of Anička!

He bursts into tears

The entire documentary is very honest, raw and moving. And when it comes to Anička’s daughter’s illness, the musician bursts into tears and is not at all ashamed of his tears. In the film, Felix’s entire family and colleagues speak differently, and a large space is also devoted to Karl Gott (+80). And why does the magical Šumava appear in the title of the document? Because the idea to film it arose in Šumava, when Felix went to see the places that inspired Bedřich Smetana to compose the Vltava River and the opera Čertova stěna. He stayed with friends in Loučovice near Lipno at the Kilián Hotel. “Right in front of the hotel on the bank of the Vltava is a sculpture of characters from this opera. And so, over a glass of wine in the evening, the idea arose to make a film about my life in the beautiful Šumava region,” explains Slováček and points out that the film will of course feature his native Malenovice or Brno and Kroměříž, where he studied.

It’s beautiful to live!

Already on April 4, Slováček is setting off on a tour that he himself called “It’s beautiful to live!” And part of this new music-film program, with which it will tour Czech cities, is also a montage of the documentary Felix Slováček and the magical Šumava. “I will also invite guests to the stage, led by my children, and then at the autograph session there will always be a tasting of Moldovan wines, which I adore,” says Slovacek.

Patrasová and Slováček at a joint press conference: Argument over drinking and Anička

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