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Adam Sedro spoke –
Adam Sedro spoke –

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In the Czech show business pond, there is speculation about the infidelity of the model and Miss Czech Republic finalist Veronica Biasiol (26). Information is circulating on social networks that she allegedly cheated on her partner, poker player Bára Mlejnková (33), with Adam Seder (30), who became famous in the last series of the reality show Love Island 2023. What did Adam tell us about it?

A few days ago, influencer Veronica Biasiol and poker player Bára Mlejnková announced that they had finally broken up. The former Survivor participant immediately deleted all pictures together on Instagram, leaving only one video. “The 27th. 3. 24 Everything can’t be deleted,” she wrote, adding a broken heart.

Veronica commented on the breakup only after a short pause. “Yes, we broke up. Our personalities are clearly incompatible, and this leads me to the need to move on in my own direction. The last three years have been some of the most intense in my life, but I feel that we have passed on what we had. Despite constant efforts to improve, I resigned after the last events and ended the relationship for good,” said Biasiol and asked fans not to speculate about the reasons for the breakup of their relationship.

However, social networks immediately began to argue that Veronica is having an affair with the former participant of the Love Island reality show Adam Seder. In addition, Veronica already cheated on her partner for several months in the past. “I really liked you two, but to exchange a few minutes with Adam for a relationship with Bára, who obviously liked you so much that she forgave you for your mistake with Alice. Some are unteachable,” a Pavel fan told Veronica, and many join her.

Interview with Adam Seder:

Adam Seder’s reaction

The Slovak handsome guy broke up with Venis Dao some time ago, so nothing stands in the way of a new relationship. But he vehemently denied the speculation about an alleged affair with Veronica Biasiol. “It’s nonsense. I just smile at someone and something automatically happens. The same thing happened around Natália Kočendová,” Adam, who is aiming for Mister Czech Republic 2024 and officially maintains his single status, told

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