Ballerina shoes? Only red! | Vogue CS

Ballerina shoes? Only red! | Vogue CS
Ballerina shoes? Only red! | Vogue CS

They earned a firm place in our shoebox thanks to their versatility and ability to adapt to different styles and occasions. And now she wears red.

It is said that they were already worn in the Biedermeier era, but the flat shoes of that time were not at all similar to today’s ballet flats. In paintings from the nineteenth century, women of the upper Austro-Hungarian society began to appear in flat shoes with cork soles and silk ties slightly below the ankles, but they were worn only as footwear at home. In pop culture, women’s form moccasin reminiscent of ballet sponges she brought up Brigitte Bardot.

In 1947, young French dancer Roland Petit convinced his mother, Rose Repetto, to make him comfortable ballet shoes. This is how the famous Repetto ballet shoes were born. In the mid-sixties, Brigitte Bardot asked the same manufacturer to make her comfortable, yet elegant shoes for the city. And so the ballerinas as we know them today were born. If you are tired of colors and textures, try lacquered and red, the ones that are leading in all this spring trend reports.

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