Doubts over Kate’s new photo: Another fake photo?


The closely watched royal couple wanted to handle more sensitive information with care as part of Catherine’s quiet regime, and only informed the public of the princess’s condition after several months of speculation. However, the angry crowd could not be tamed, and many continue to indulge in conspiracy theories. Most recently, some have paused over a new picture of Prince Louis, who celebrated his sixth birthday. On the day of the celebration, a photo appeared on the social networks of the prince and princess, allegedly taken by mom Kate.

Prince Louis celebrated his 6th birthday • Instagram

But some details are not visible to people. “I think this was taken on his fifth birthday. He is wearing the same shirt. Also, the pattern on his left shoulder doesn’t fit.” the server quotes one speculator. Others also question the author of the picture in the discussion under the Daily Mail article. “How do we know Kate really took the picture? Since her release from the hospital, not a single unadulterated photo has been published.” alludes to the fact that before Kate’s first outing this year, the princess made herself known in strange ways. First, on Mother’s Day, she published a heavily edited picture with her children, then the public thinks that the photographers did not capture Kate in the latest pictures, but her doppelganger.

Princess Catherine has opened up about her cancer

But there were also those who did not look for deeper meanings in every step of the royal family and simply wished Prince Louis a happy birthday. Whether you’re rooting for one team or the other, only Kate, William knows the truth and their closest ones.

Something is wrong here! Did they hire a lookalike for Kate?

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