Survivor 2024: Who has a cut mouth and who reaches for immunity?

Survivor 2024: Who has a cut mouth and who reaches for immunity?
Survivor 2024: Who has a cut mouth and who reaches for immunity?

In the previous episode, both the Titans and the Hunters dealt with the reverberations of the previous tribal council, which was decidedly wild. Instead of an elimination duel, there was another exchange of players, which considerably shuffled the cards of the game. Quirky investor Radek (39) headed to the Hunters after the exchange, the Titan tribe was strengthened for a change by auditor Iva (29) and art director Bandurko (30). Both fights for the reward were dominated by the Hunters, who could enjoy a barbecue, followed by a burger menu and a trip to see dolphins.

In the beginning of the latest episode, police officer Kristina (29) confides in streamer Tomáš (40) about her concerns. He thinks that Tomáš talks more than he thinks, and he reveals a lot of completely meaningless things to his opponents. He blames him for making them an easy target for others to nominate for an elimination duel. Mainly her, because Tomáš has a pretty sharp mouth, even in the sense that he can “talk” about everything – and what’s more, he can turn it on her.

Survivor 2024: Kristýna is angry with Tomáš Nova TV

There is also a tense situation in the second tribe, where university student Veronika (23) has lost her faithful companion Bandurko and feels threatened. She tries to flatter trainer Jana (52) and programmer Nikola (31), playing an innocent, guileless blonde to them, and she has no idea that they definitely don’t believe her this pose. The tribes are waiting for another competition for immunity, after which another player will leave the island. Will it be a contestant from the Hunter tribe, or will the Titans have to say goodbye to their member?

Martin Mikyska alias Mikýř

Will the influencer Yenifer (30), who after an unsuccessful fight for the Titans have the power to send Hunters to the vote, finally take advantage? Or will one of the players finally use their hidden immunity to save either their life or someone else’s life? Rest assured that emotions will only boil over during this “tribe” because Survivor is a reality show full of all sorts of twists and shocking moments! And this year it applies far more than in previous series…

Survivor 2024 - 18th episode

Survivor 2024 – 18th episode

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