We tried it for you – eXtra.cz

We tried it for you – eXtra.cz
We tried it for you – eXtra.cz

We encounter machines in more and more places in our everyday life. In parking lots, you rarely come across a pensioner in a booth collecting the parking fee – a machine is enough. In many supermarkets, you can pay for your purchase without seeing the cashier. In many places where a ticket is required, an automatic turnstile will let you in. But what happens when the machine bakes your pizza? We decided to give it a try.

We arrive at the parking lot in Písek, South Bohemia, where this unique car is parked. The Fizza machine, as the franchise calls itself, is the first Swallow in the Czech Republic, but in addition to the Czech Republic, the company already operates ten machines in Finland and Sweden. At the same time, however, he is originally from France – it is said that their “inventor” was inspired there. Those who expected Italy will be disappointed. We are all the more curious how such a pizza will taste.

We arrive at the parking lot at the Písek car wash, where there is a small wooden booth, not unlike the prefabricated booths that you buy in hobby markets. There is a small door on the side, but it is locked. Next to it is an LCD touch screen and a small card terminal. Here we go. Control is easy, like choosing at a terminal in one of the fast food chains.

9 types of pizza

There are nine types of pizza to choose from, you can choose between a warm version for immediate consumption or a cold one for baking at home. Of course, we want to eat on the spot and choose a warm Salami pizza. We pay contactless with a card and an illustration of how long it will take for our pizza to be ready starts below. The smell of pizza starts wafting from the vents on top and it’s ready in less than three minutes. We’re curious, but as skeptics we expect a slightly better supermarket frozen pizza.

But we are very wrong. It turns out a very good-looking pizza with a diameter of 29 centimeters, which you could easily mistake for a pizza from a restaurant. Thin dough, lots of ingredients, perfectly baked. Sure, it’s not like a high-end pizzeria, but we have to admit that for the fact that the food was prepared by an automatic machine, it’s really very decent.

And the price? We paid 170 crowns for a pizza that you can get at any time of the day in three minutes. Yes, it is not much, but if we compare the price with the range and price range of Czech fast food or gas stations, where these machines are most likely to go, the price is really not that high. Will such automatons ever drive out human chefs? Probably difficult, because they prepare and deliver the pizzas to the machine. But as another snack option where there is no time or space, this is a great idea.

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