Prince Charles wanted to reconcile with Harry. Harry wasn’t curious about his gesture

The Prince of Wales has again tried to settle the strained relations in the British royal family, so he invited his son Harry and his wife and children to stay in Britain over the summer at his Balmoral estate. However, the son flatly rejected the offer and Duchess Meghan has hinted that bad relations with the royal family are beyond repair, the insider said.

Prince Charles has once again made it clear that he is very sorry for the estrangement from his son Harry and his wife Meghan. “He didn’t break his stick over them even despite their constant attacks, which have been coming more often lately,” a close friend of Prince Charles told the Mirror portal.

“The Prince of Wales has reiterated his invitation for Harry and his entire family to come to the UK and stay with him at his Balmoral estate if they wish,” an insider revealed.

“He thought it might be a good opportunity to mend their relationship and get everyone to relax. But the invitation was declined,” he added, adding that his attempt to reunite the Sussexes had been rejected.

Additionally, Meghan Markle hinted last week that Prince Harry’s bond with his father ended the moment they left their public duties as members of the royal family. “Harry told me he lost his dad in the process. It’s his decision,” she revealed in The Cut magazine, to which she recently gave a spicy interview full of accusations and secrets.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, who left their royal duties in 2020, visited the UK again in early September to attend several events. However, it looks like other members of the royal family will be avoided.

The couple are expected to spend their stay in Britain at Frogmore Cottage, which is located a short distance from Prince William and Duchess Kate’s new home at Windsor Castle. However, a visit from the deranged brothers is highly unlikely. The Duke of Sussex reportedly won’t even visit the Queen due to insufficient security measures.

Watch a video of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan visiting Great Britain in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee:

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