Vlastina Svtkov: I chose what I can do

Vlastina Svtkov: I chose what I can do
Vlastina Svtkov: I chose what I can do

We met at a gala event for Prague Mussel Week, a food festival dedicated to mussels. Are you yourself a connoisseur of exotic food?
I’m a fan of food. And when it’s culturally based like this and the kitchen is interesting to him, it’s a shame. I’m a big foodie.

Are you dressed as an actress? Look at what you consume and what you think yourself?
I don’t think I’m a psn. But I know exactly what I like, what is good for me and what is good for my body. So choose accordingly. I’m not in the mood to go to fast food or to eat cake and ice cream. When I want, I can take a short dm, but it’s fine. And then I’m fine. Take it mm such in balance. extreme days. I don’t diet, I don’t fast, I don’t eat and enjoy life.

You arrived at Vee with a pet. In your opinion, does love really go through the cracks? And is the way you work in the kitchen a plus for you in this relationship?
That’s probably the longest! My father is a cook, and he actually set it up for me as a child, that I should be able to cook for him. It’s devza and it’s pretty and sexy. So I subconsciously chose men who knew how to dance, and I always liked and was impressed by it. John too. Well, I didn’t enjoy it. Don’t worry about it, I’ll remember when I remember. I am grateful for that, and I will appreciate it when I have his food in front of me.

Vlastina Svtkov with partner Honza (2022)

Do you also lead your sons with this modern, progressive upbringing, so that they will be ideal partners one day?
You got that right. I have sons, the oldest is fifteen and he is rd. I own them like a good one, but my mother put them in a ring when they were little, and I’ve loved it ever since. Fun is important and they are very happy when something goes well and someone likes it. Guys like that, they think to themselves when they need to and they are alone at home, of course, except for the smallest.

Would you say that you had to wait for the best thing in your life? Do you instantly realize that imaginary one hundred percent moment?
I’m careful about that. Because as soon as you think: Great, it’s here, mm everything, then something happens. I take life so carefully and gently and I am grateful for what it is. But I know that life is full of trials and challenges. He will never be carefree. So I’m still prepared inside for everything that comes. But be humble and grateful for what you have.

I’ve had two divorces. When you look back on the last few years, do you consider some years to be a separate group?
(laughs) Well, that’s what I could call my whole life. It’s like a swing, a roller coaster. It’s fine for a while, fine, the person takes a breath, takes a breath and then falls down again and starts to solve problems in the mud where he fell. Then he stands up again, rises like a phoenix from the ashes and continues for a long time. I think that’s how we do it. And um, that’s cool.

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