PICTURE: the hit of the regional championship in Napajedle had no winner. Why?


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/PHOTO GALLERY and VIDEO/ Šlágr did not recognize the winner of the 15th round of the regional championship. After the postponed opening round, the Kvasic footballers did not score a goal in Napajedle, but the administration also did not have their sights set. Why? The coaches of both teams explained this to us below.

Napajedel footballers played a goalless draw with Kvasice in the 15th round of the regional championship.

| Video: Tangled by Mojmír


Zdeněk Hornák, coach of Napajedel: “Kvasice proved that they will be among the favorites to advance. We went into the match without conceding, playing quick counterattacks and getting at least a point, and we succeeded. The visitors created the only opportunity when the opponent’s beautiful scissors was eliminated by our goalkeeper. The boys played responsibly, defended attentively, and in the end even Kvasic was stunned when our player just missed the ball after our free kick. Thanks go to the boys for their maximum attitude, responsible and team performance.”

Holešov's divisional footballers (in black) achieved their third win of the spring season in a row. now they stepped on Vsetín (2:1).

Divizní Holešov September. After the duel with Vsetín, words of praise from the coach again!

Vlastimil Chytrý, Kvasic coach: Unfortunately, on Wednesday, two of our creative offensive players, Strašák and Zapletal, dropped out of the lineup due to illness, which turned out during the match that they could be exactly the players who could decide this tactically balanced game. The match itself was tied with nervousness, full of inaccurate passes, long kicks and fights. Again, we held the ball a lot, but unlike other games, only for a large amount of time against an opponent who defended honestly and we lacked any creative thought. We only took away a point, which I’m disappointed about. But maybe in the final tally at the end of the season, this point can be very important for us!”

Referee: Havrlant – Vičánek, Martinák, 110 spectators.

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