A copy of the Eiffel Tower will be built by Lake Most before the Olympics

A copy of the Eiffel Tower will be built by Lake Most before the Olympics
A copy of the Eiffel Tower will be built by Lake Most before the Olympics

Bridge – Eiffel Tower. The symbol of Paris and this year’s Olympic Games will rise majestically in the Czech Republic as well. A twelve-meter-high replica of the iconic structure will grow right next to Lake Most, where it will be the decoration of the Olympic Festival (July 26 to August 11). It will be made of a unique material that no one has ever used for a similar project! This is not an April Fool’s report.

Why will the Eiffel Tower be built in Most this summer? “The Olympic Games will be in Paris, and the goal of the Olympic Festival at Lake Most is to convey the great atmosphere of the Games to our fans in the Czech Republic. And we want to convey it everywhere, that is, with an iconic building such as the Eiffel Tower. We are making a Bridge to Paris,” said Naďa Černá, project director of the Czech Olympic Committee.

Czech Eiffel is made from the original material oPET, which is completely recycled plastic waste fished from the ocean. Over 1,500 parts that will make up the Eiffel Tower at Lake Most are produced entirely by 3D printing. “This project is a big challenge for us. It will be one of the largest 3D objects ever created. The entire process of creating the Eiffel Tower takes over three months,” revealed Jan Hřebabecký, founder of 3DDen.

In addition to a unique replica of the Eiffel Tower, this summer the Olympic Festival at Lake Most will offer visitors the opportunity to try out over fifty sports, cheer on our Olympians in the largest fan zone or, for the first time in the festival’s history, sleep in a special Olympic camp.

And that’s not all! After returning from Paris, the Czech Olympians will head straight for the fans to the Most lake and there will be a traditional and very popular emotional welcome. At the festival, visitors will meet and play sports with the ambassadors of the event, Olympic medalists javelin thrower Barbora Špotáková and skier Ondřej Synek. In addition, they will be able to take pictures throughout the duration of the Olympic Festival with the mascot of the Paris 2024 Games, a cute animated Phryge cap.

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