Regional championship: the favorite hesitated, Francova Lhota celebrates his second win. Why?

Regional championship: the favorite hesitated, Francova Lhota celebrates his second win. Why?
Regional championship: the favorite hesitated, Francova Lhota celebrates his second win. Why?

Pavel Kučera, coach of Boršice: “We have to sportily admit that the opponent was clearly better and pour ashes on ourselves, because our approach was really very bad. We already talked about it in the cabin. Everything starts with training morale and a desire to fight for the best possible result. Auschwitz were better in the first half, they deservedly took the lead. Before the break, we also threatened there and were dangerous, but we didn’t have many chances to score. Already during the first half I was thinking about how I would change the formation. I substituted three players at the break. We took a bigger risk and only played three defenders, five midfielders and two forwards. At the beginning of the second half, I had the feeling that the game was equalizing, we had good things there. Unfortunately, one of our substitutes got injured right away. Apparently he has a torn muscle. I had to react and was exhausted for four shifts. Gradually it started to wear on the boys. After some misunderstandings, we got two more goals. The conclusion was clear. In other chances, the great Janečka kept us up. I guess we needed a slap like that. Access has not been very good lately. We are also worried about the injured. I am convinced that if we had given a 100% concentrated performance in Auschwitz, we would have tormented the home team much more.”

Goals: 17. and 75. Tomaštík, 61. Trlida. Referee: Martinák – Havrlant, Vitásek (Pochylý), ČK: 71. Jonáš (Boršice). Spectators: 250.


Mojmír Jaroš, coach of Francova Lhota: “At the beginning we were scared, nervous, playing against the wind. After we took the lead, we sat back and waited to see what the opponent would come up with. After the equalization and change of sides, the boys added, they started driving and we scored goals from the chances. We could have won by a bigger margin, but we are still struggling at the end. We are happy for the win.”

Martin Bernátek, coach of Luhačovice: “The beginning was not bad. We had the ball at our feet, we went there with crosses, we created standard situations. But everything ended in the hands of the goalkeeper. Paradoxically, the home team took advantage of our lack of emphasis from the first standard situation and took the lead. We were able to equalize just before the break and I believed that we would be able to turn it around in the second half. But it didn’t happen. The home team concentrated on defense and did not let us do anything serious. Moreover, they soon took the lead again. In the end, we took a lot of risks, but it didn’t lead to anything. On the contrary, after another break, the home team finally decided. We didn’t deserve to take points.”

Goals: 15th, 48th and 90th of pen. Matůš – 45. Červenka.


Zdeněk Hornák, coach of Napajedel: “Kvasice proved that they will be among the favorites to advance. We went into the match without conceding, playing quick counterattacks and getting at least a point, and we succeeded. The visitors created the only opportunity when the opponent’s beautiful scissors was eliminated by our goalkeeper. The boys played responsibly, defended attentively, and in the end even Kvasic was stunned when our player just missed the ball after our free kick. Thanks go to the boys for their maximum attitude, responsible and team performance.”

Vlastimil Chytrý, Kvasic coach: Unfortunately, on Wednesday, two of our creative offensive players, Strašák and Zapletal, dropped out of the lineup due to illness, which turned out during the match that they could be exactly the players who could decide this tactically balanced game. The match itself was tied with nervousness, full of inaccurate passes, long kicks and fights. Again, we held the ball a lot, but unlike other games, only for a large amount of time against an opponent who defended honestly and we lacked any creative thought. We only took away a point, which I’m disappointed about. But maybe in the final tally at the end of the season, this point can be very important for us!”

Referee: Havrlant – Vičánek, Martinák, 110 spectators.

NEVŠOVÁ – SHÍTNÁ N. VL. 2:3 (1:1)

Vladislav Durďa, coach of Nevšová: “Unlucky match. Just like in Luhačovice, we reached for a point and again we have none! The first half belonged to the better Štítná, which was more aggressive, faster, more emphatic and took the lead from a set piece. We still managed to equalize with Švach before the break. After the break, the score turned, we were the ones to pull the lead, unfortunately we didn’t get more than one goal out of the advantage. On the contrary, the opponent struck from the penalty spot, which we, on the other hand, rejected in the set-up, when Fuksa was caught by the goalkeeper. A draw would have been fair, but we weren’t accurate. I am hurt not only by the loss of points, but also by the direct dismissal of Švach during a penalty shootout. We are not scoring goals yet, but the season is long and if we play like we did in Luhačovice in the second half, the results will come.”

Josef Miklas, coach of Štítná n. Vl.: “We entered the match very actively and we were rewarded with a goal in the 16th minute. We continued our activity, but unfortunately we did not score the second goal. On the contrary, the home team literally pushed the ball over the line from a rare jam. We were able to enter the second half again and in the 49th minute we took the lead 2:1. After that, the match was no longer pretty, as the home team only resorted to kicking balls into our penalty area and managed to equalize in the 71st minute. The end was very hectic, in the 89th minute we took the lead from a penalty kick. The home team did not use the same chance in the 93rd minute, when our goalkeeper Kuja brilliantly eliminated the penalty kick, so we deservedly take three points.”

Goals: 36. Švach, 71. Strnad – 16. and 89. from pen. Hnaníček, 49. Vaculík.


Dušan Janošek, coach of Hrachovce: “We got the most out of the minimum in a pared-down lineup! The first half was balanced, Orság’s goal helped us take the lead. The opponent also had a chance, but did not convert it. After the break, the opponent pressed us, they deservedly equalized, and we were once saved by the goalkeeper, who pulled the tutus on the goal structure. The result was decided by the goalkeeper’s mistake on the other side. The duel was even for more than two-thirds, a draw would probably suit the match. However, we were very effective in the end.”

Miroslav Bednařík, coach of Morkovic: The match review will be short. I will use a quote from Hrachovce fans, who said after the game: The home team from hov.. knitted a whip!”

Goals: 79. and 84. Žák, 18. Orság, 87. Malý – 69. Knap.


Jan Večeřa, coach of Slušovice: “This time we succeeded in entering the match. The guys did exactly what we told each other in the cabin. We mostly kept the guests in their own half. Due to our pressure, we created several excellent scoring opportunities, unfortunately not one of them ended with a goal thanks to the excellent catching of the goalkeeper of Bystřice. What we didn’t succeed in the first half, came right at the beginning of the second. Kvasnica scored a hat trick within 12 minutes and the rest of the match was easy for us. The last goal was scored by Antolák, who bypassed the goalkeeper and hit an open goal.

Roman Ondroušek, coach of Bystřice Mr. H.: “

Goals: 14. Kvasnica, 48. Kvasnica, 57. Kvasnica, 84. Antolák),

BRUMOV – SP. NOISE 3:1 (1:0)

Alois Kachlík, coach of Brumov:

Václav Uhlíř, Hluk coach: “We had several chances in the first half, but unlike the home team, we were not accurate. The home team decided at the turn of the halves, they were more emphatic, more stubborn. They simply fought for every ball, none was lost for them, on the contrary, we wanted to succeed only through football, which was not enough now. Brumov deservedly succeeded, he definitely went for the win!”

Goals: 45. Chovanec, 48. Kubiš, 86. Bublák – 53. Sopůšek.

1. Hrachovec 15 10 1 4 47:18 31

2. Sp. Noise 15 9 2 4 41:17 29

3. Yeast 14 9 2 3 35:22 29

4. Luhačovice 15 7 4 4 29:19 25

5. Štítná n. Vl. 15 7 4 4 25:24 25

6. Brumov 15 7 1 7 28:24 22

7. Water fountains 15 6 4 5 23:27 22

8. Slušovice 15 6 3 6 29:24 21

9. Auschwitz 15 5 4 6 28:34 19

10. Boršice 15 5 3 7 25:28 18

11. Nevšová 15 5 2 8 22:32 17

12. Carrot 15 4 5 6 24:43 17

13. Bystřice p. H. 14 4 0 10 23:42 12

14. Franc. Term 15 2 1 12 17:42 7

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