The Czech Republic is not ready for crises, the SAO warns. According to him, the state underestimated many situations

The Czech Republic is not ready for crises, the SAO warns. According to him, the state underestimated many situations
The Czech Republic is not ready for crises, the SAO warns. According to him, the state underestimated many situations

According to the controller, real changes that would improve crisis preparedness in practice are only minimal.

a number of our inspections, not only from last year, pointed out that we were witnessing only formal steps without concrete results, Vron said at first.

etc. states, among other things, that the steel is not equipped with a system for the protection of soft customs and that the long-neglected state of protection of the population is a weak point.

Last year, he came to the realization that the population protection system in Rome has deficiencies. According to the inspectors, there are not enough information centers for the people, masks and table covers are missing, with which only 3.2 percent of the population is protected.

However, the Ministry of the Interior then declared the animals of the control as tendentious. According to the interior of the EU, the population protection system in the Czech Republic is considered to be one of the most robust and well-prepared.

Regarding the state’s defense capabilities, the NK found that the Ministry of Defense was not able to provide pensions to others, even though its revenues were repeatedly increasing. The risk also lies in the way the Ministry has recently concluded contracts for the supply of weapons.

Recently, the Ministry of Defense has been carrying out several financial acquisitions, when it concluded contracts without a sum of money with selected foreign governments, or with specific manufacturers. In this case, the NK covers the risk of inefficient and uneconomically spent means, standing in the first place.

Last year, for example, the government decided to buy 24 American F-35 aircraft based on the recommendations of the army. The Czech Republic will pay 150 billion crowns for the collapse of the American manufacturer Lockheed Martin. This is the most expensive Czech military purchase.

In the light of the current security situation, it is necessary to create a path for the deployment of R’s defense capabilities. This, however, must be a conditionally meaningful and effective use of the limited resources that may be available, NK points out.

Note that the Ministry of Defense chapter’s income has doubled in the last five years. At the same time, he pointed out that the income tax must correspond to the ability of the Ministry of Pensions and Economic Exclusion, which the previous inspections did not confirm according to the order.

for example, the insurance of weapons or armor technology. Last year, ad found out that the army did not ensure the planned renewal of military vehicle technology or the material needs of the army in radiation, chemical and biological protection.

and noted that the average number of military vehicles there is 21 years, some of which have been in service for 39 years. The Ministry inefficiently and inefficiently spent on the repair of vehicles with extended service life, in some cases it paid for the repair in excess of the price of a new vehicle, warns ad. Minister of Defense Jana ernochov (ODS) stated last year that ten cars in the army have been destroyed in the last ten years as a result.

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