Temperature jump in the Czech Republic: After the first day of summer, there was a drop of ten degrees


The Czech Republic is experiencing a temperature jump, while on Monday meteorologists recorded the first summer day this year, i.e. temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius, on Tuesday they expect maximums between 11 and 15 degrees Celsius. Even so, they will remain above average. Temperatures should climb to the twenties again on Friday and the weekend should be summer again, i.e. over 25 degrees Celsius. This follows from the weekly weather forecast of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) and its statement on Facebook.

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“Compared to yesterday (Monday) morning, Tuesday’s temperatures in our territory are noticeably lower. They move most often between nine and five degrees Celsius,” the meteorologists said. They added that it was coldest around 05:00 a.m Krkonoší at Luční bouda and Labská bouda, where they measured minus one degree Celsius and minus 0.3 degrees Celsius, respectively. “Because colder and moist air from the west will flow towards us behind the cold front in the next few days, temperatures will be lower during the day as well. Even so, they will be roughly four degrees Celsius higher than normal for this time of the year,” the ČHMÚ said.

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In the Czech Republic, they fell at many stations in the previous days temperature records, meteorologists expected the first day of summer as early as the weekend at the end of March. But in the end it significantly affected the temperatures scattered Saharan dust. On Saturday, temperatures in a number of places were even two to four degrees Celsius lower than predicted by numerical models, the ČHMÚ reported.

The first day of summer

This year, the Czech Republic experienced the first summer day, when the thermometer must show at least 25 degrees, on Easter Monday. The warmest was in Karviná with 26 degrees Celsius. New records were set at roughly two-fifths of the more than 160 weather stations that have been measuring temperatures for 30 years or more.

In addition to Karviná, the temperature record for April 1 was also broken, for example, in České Budějovice, where they measured 25.7 degrees, or in Bohumín with a temperature of 25.3 degrees.

The past holidays were above average warm and next weekend will be similar meteorologists even hotter. “Weekend temperatures will be around 25 degrees Celsius, on Sunday they could locally reach up to 27 degrees, which is an absolute extreme for the beginning of April,” said the CHMÚ.

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Temperature records were again broken in the Czech Republic. The stations also measured summer values

Last year, meteorologists recorded the first day of summer on May 5, but then it was at the only station in the country, in Pilsen – Bolevec, where it was 25.2 degrees. People could enjoy the next summer days only in the second half of May.

He fell in 2022 the first day of summer also for May, but a year earlier it was on March 31 and the previous two years at the end of April.


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