Tips for Tuesday, April 2

Tips for Tuesday, April 2
Tips for Tuesday, April 2

A new month is starting for us… How will you spice up this day? Check out some of our recommended events below.

Replicant & Anachronism in Modrá Vopica

When: From the 19
Where: Klub Modrá Vopice, corner of Spojovije and K Žižkovu streets, Prague 9
How much: From CZK 490

Extreme metal REPLICANT from New Jersey are imbued with brutality. Since their formation in 2014, they have been reshaping technical death metal, driven by influences such as GORGUTS or HUMAN REMAINS. They create a unique identity with their unorthodox, atmospheric and groove-laden sound, and fronted by founders Pete Lloyd and Mike Gonçalves, they deliver a death metal barrage of despotic and crushing riffs. ANACHRONISM will liven up the musical gourmet evening. This Swiss force mixes dissonant, technical and brutal death metal with jazz and progressive influences in its work. Dynamic compositions smoothly transition from intense blast beats to ambient grooves, and thanks to the low growl and airy riffs, ANACHRONISM achieve perfect musical balance and depth. Last year they released their second regular album “Meanders” full of strong feelings and deep emotions.

A search game for children: From the diary of the blue-eyed cat

When: Until May 12, daily 9am-6pm
Where: Chvalský zamek, Na Chvalské tvrzi, Prague 9
How much: CZK 50

What is it like to look at the world through the eyes of a little kitten? You will find out in the new play From the Diary of a Blue-Eyed Cat, inspired by the book of the same name by Josef Kolář, which Helena Zmatlíková gave an unmistakable form. Another quest game, this time for children aged 7-13, will introduce the adventures of Blue-Eyes the cat and let the player see the strange world of bipeds from a cat’s perspective. The goal of the game is to solve a crossword puzzle. Whoever correctly fills in the secret can enter the draw for the book From the Diary of a Blue-Eyed Cat by Josef Kolář. The game contains 9 stations that can be visited in any order, at each station players will find an entry from the diary of the cat Blue-Eyes, a crossword puzzle in “cat language” and a voluntary task from the life of cats. Game duration: 45 minutes. Suitable for children from 7 to 10 years old or even younger children accompanied by their parents.

Exhibition of ice sculptures Ice magic

When: Until April 15
Where: Park Riegrovy sady, Prague 2
How much: From 250 CZK

This year in Prague’s Vinohrady you will find a magical Christmas park with a non-traditional Ice Magic exhibition, which will appeal to families with children and adults alike. These are hand-carved giant ice sculptures based on fairy-tale characters and other unexpected shapes. Carvers from all over Europe will make the works on site from 180 tons of ice.

The world of jellyfish

When: Daily 9-21
Where: OC Arkády Pankrác, Na Pankráci 86, Prague 4
How much: From 170 CZK, adults 260 CZK

Svět Medúz was created as a completely unique global project, where under one roof the stunning life of jellyfish intertwines with audiovisual effects. On an area of ​​over 700 square meters you will find 38 aquariums in which over 30 species of jellyfish can be seen. Young and old visitors can also look forward to video mapping and unique attractions.

Winter Wonderland

When: From November 4 daily 3-9:30 p.m
Where: Outdoor amusement park, OC Letňany, Veselská 663, Prague 9
How much: From 290 CZK

Enter the bright world of fairy tales and fantasy. More than a hundred light installations and entertainment attractions await you. More at

Museum of Fantastic Illusions

When: Daily 9am-7pm (last entry at 6pm)
Where: Museum of Fantastic Illusions, Vodičkova 31, Prague 1
How much: From 179 CZK

Welcome to the magical world of optical illusions! Pavel Kožíšek’s Museum of Fantastic Illusions is a huge success with visitors and is now twice as big and x times more fun! Be part of a captivating exhibition of fantastic optical illusions and large-format trick paintings. Go for a unique experience in the funniest Czech museum, where you can also take great and funny photos and videos!

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