A mother was chasing a child near a prison in Prague, while money was taken from her stroller


Police spokeswoman Eva Kropáčová reported on the theft from mid-February on Tuesday.

“A thirty-seven-year-old mother was walking with her child on the sidewalk around the Pankrác Remand Prison. At the level of the entrance to the prison, her son ran across the street and the woman quickly ran after him,” the spokeswoman said.

When the woman was on the opposite side of the road, two men walked past her stroller. From the camera footage that the police released of the case, it was clear that one of them noticed the woman. The theft took place calmly, as if there was no fuss, and the pair walked slowly on.

What kind of person steals mom’s stroller? The police caught a suspect in a theft in Hostivar

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According to the police, the mother saw the stroller the whole time and also noticed the suspicious movement of the couple around it.

“She quickly took her son, ran to look at the stroller and discovered that her wallet had been stolen, in which she had several thousand crowns, identity documents, ATM cards and other things,” mentioned Kropáčová, adding that the woman tried to catch up with the man, those but they ran away.

Police are investigating the case as theft with a penalty of up to two years in prison.

“If you recognize any of the men captured on the camera footage, please pass the information on to the emergency line operators or any police station,” the spokeswoman added.

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Stealing a wallet from a stroller

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