This year’s March in Klementin was the warmest on record. It followed an extremely warm February

This year’s March in Klementin was the warmest on record. It followed an extremely warm February
This year’s March in Klementin was the warmest on record. It followed an extremely warm February

Spring days are unusually warm in Esk. After the extreme heat of Noru Piel, the month had a record heat. So far, meteorologists recorded the warmest summer in 2014, that year was 0.8 degrees Celsius warmer than that. In the Klementin eruption, it was even the hottest spring in the history of the name, i.e. since 1775.

Bezen was not the only extreme month. Leton Nor was even warmer than before. The average temperature in Norway reached 5.7 degrees and was 6.1 degrees above normal in 1991 and 2020. While Norway was rich in sorghum, on average 150 percent of the normal fell on the ground, while sorghum was almost normal . According to the preliminary assessment, the monthly precipitation was on the border between normal and subnormal monthly precipitation, the Czech Hydrometeorological State (HM) said.

In the course of the month, we recorded several strong warm spells with average daily temperatures more than a quarter of a degree Celsius above the normal value. The warmest was the month of March, on March 30 and 31, the average air temperature on the ground R was more than eight degrees Celsius above normal, HM said.

On the first day of April, high temperatures continued. For the first time this year, meteorologists have recorded summer temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius. The warmest was on Easter Monday in Karvin with 26 degrees Celsius.

Summer temperatures are followed by a slump

But the days after Easter will not be so warm. On Tuesday, expect temperatures between 11 and 15 degrees. They are also above average. On the 20th, the lips should come out again and the weekend should be summer again. Find out from the weekly forecast during the Czech hydrometeorological state (HM) and its release on Facebook. The first day of summer in April is not entirely unusual, in 2021 the first day of summer occurred on May 31st, last year it was May 5th.

Compared to the usual (Monday) morning, the temperature change on our land is noticeable. The temperature hovers between nine and five degrees Celsius, meteorologists said. They added that the coldest was around 05:00 in the Giant Mountains at Lun boud and Labsk boud, where they recorded minus one degree Celsius and minus 0.3 degree Celsius, respectively.

Because cold and moist air from the west will flow to them behind the cold front in the next few days, the temperatures will be lower even after a day. Even so, they will be about three degrees Celsius above the norm for this year, HM said.

Temperature records were set at many stations in Esk in the past days, meteorologists expected the first day of summer on the weekend at the end of June. In the end, however, the scattered Saharan dust strongly affected the temperatures. On Saturday, temperatures in the city were even two and a half degrees Celsius lower than predicted by the numerical models, HM said.

The first day of summer, when the thermometer must show at least 25 degrees, so this year it started on Easter Monday. The warmest was in Karvin with 26 degrees Celsius. New records appeared at roughly two-fifths of the more than 160 meteorological stations that have temperatures of 30 or more years. Apart from Karvina, the temperature record for April 1st was perfect today, for example in Czech Budjovice, where they reached 25.7 degrees, or in Bohumn with a temperature of 25.3 degrees.

The holidays have passed, so it was extremely hot, and according to the meteorologist, the Friday weekend will be hotter. On the weekend, temperatures will hover around 25 degrees Celsius, on Sunday they could even reach 27 degrees, which is quite extreme for the beginning of April, HM said.

Last year, meteorologists recorded the first day of summer on May 5, but then it was at the only station in the country, namely in Pilsen – Bolevec, where it was 25.2 degrees. On summer days, people could see each other and in the second half of May. In 2022, the first day of summer fell right on May, but two years later it was on the 31st of May, and it fell at the end of April for two years.

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