The remains of a diver and a piece of a skater. Bagr Reservoir is out of water and giving away its secrets


Romantic at first glance, a bit of a dump at second. The Bagr water reservoir in Stromovka, České Budějovice, is being cleaned. You can see what Bagr looks like without water and what it hides in Petr Tibitanzlo’s photos and video.

The Bagr water reservoir in Stromovka, České Budějovice, is being cleaned

| Video: Petr Tibitanzl

The release of water began on March 18, followed by the cleaning of the Bagr reservoir. “Apart from a few large objects such as a shopping trolley, a significant number of small items such as dog toysthrowing plates, bottles of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and, unfortunately, also syringes,” said Petr Lamač on behalf of the Municipality of České Budějovice.

Later, he added that in the deepest parts of the tank there was a 30-centimeter-high layer of deposits, which arise, among other things, from attacked leaves.

Secrets were also revealed in the past by the dropped level of Orlík:

The abandoned Orlická dam revealed treasures normally hidden under the surface and around Albrechtice nad Vltavou in Písecko.

IMAGE: Eagle without water. The dropped water level revealed historical buildings

“In Bagro, we would like to maintain some stable fish population, clean the water even in the tributary with some measures close to nature, such as systems aquatic plants, and then the water should look much better than before. The motivation for these works was the effort to clean the entire tank. There are years when it is full of cyanobacteria and stinks,” said Zuzana Kudláčková, deputy mayor for the environment.

Aquapark? Never

The excavator will most likely be filled again before the start of the summer season. However, even after cleaning the tank, it is not expected that it will become aquapark. The location should remain a publicly accessible relaxation zone for all residents of České Budějovice.


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