More could have been saved from the valuable sculpture, not just pieces, Prague 5 argued with an investor

More could have been saved from the valuable sculpture, not just pieces, Prague 5 argued with an investor
More could have been saved from the valuable sculpture, not just pieces, Prague 5 argued with an investor

We tried to carry out the demolition as quickly as possible, but considering the fact that the top dog fell from a height of 17 meters, it was of course not possible to preserve the castings in their entirety. At least the fragments that our colleagues save from the rubble will go to the museum, said Marcela Fialkov of the company Urban Developers and Investors last week for

In the past, the company shared photos of the relief with the people of the National Monument, which will be used to create its 3D model. Our company offered to finance a new casting on the basis of a 3D model so that the relief of the founder could be preserved for the future, wrote full Fialkov.

It is not clear at the moment if the funds really come from the company that demolished the building. You can do many things.

Thus, the pension acquired Mstsk st Prague 5 and gave a tenant. However, the coordination of finances cannot be done by the NP, other interested entities have taken it upon themselves, Pavlna Dolejsk from the NP told

The art nouveau apartment building, which dates from 1904-1905, was outside the monument, was located in Ndran street and was not covered. Monuments advised the investor before the demolition to preserve the green fresco of the founder under Vyehrad, which was on the house.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to save all of you. If the work notification system had been set up differently and there had been more time, the fragment from the rubble might not have been saved. Pavlna Dolejsk, the editor of the monument, described our recommendations as a way to preserve the entire house, at least its valuable decorations.

According to them, although the maximum possible was done to preserve the relief at the given moment thanks to several people and in cooperation with the investor, they cannot be satisfied with the demolition of the monument in principle. And this despite the fact that the house was not a monument, explained Dolejsk.

It is a piece of history

The Urban Developers and Investors company plans two projects on the site of the demolished house, surrounded by a brownfield. The first is two office buildings, the second is a residential building. There will also be a green area for relaxation, a children’s club with a mother’s wheel, and so on.

According to the Prague 5 town hall, the investor company was willing to cooperate to save the relief, but the problem arose when it refused to suspend or delay the demolition work in any way.

Immediately after we learned that the demolition of the building in Ndran Street, where a valuable relief of the founder is located, will take place, we asked the investor in a letter to see if he could adjust the demolition schedule. This would create sufficient time space for the professional removal and preservation of historically valuable elements that are part of the facade of the demolished building, said tpn Rattay, councilor for culture and restoration of monuments of Prague 5, to

According to the councilor, the investor did offer cooperation, but the poor work schedule refused to change it. There was very little time left to save the relief, said Rattay.

However, the investor Fialkov did not agree with this, according to them they made a change in the schedule and suspended the demolition until the expert from NP arrived.

It is not true, Mr. Rattay sent us a letter to which we replied. We adjusted the schedule when the NP expressed a desire to preserve some st. We stopped the demolition work for a while and waited until the restaurtoi arrived. We continued with the demolition, and after what the experts told us, it is impossible to remove the shortcut, counters Fialkov. The historical significance of the relief, given that it is a cast, is not so well known.

It is a concrete cast and it can be cast again at any time. The new casting will have the same value as the original. In addition, it was possible to preserve a few pieces, thanks to the company Urban Developers and Investors.

From Councilor Rattay’s point of view, however, it is not just about the value of the commercial processing relief. It’s a piece of the past, he shared with the editors, adding a bit of the demolished building. Undoubtedly, rain from the days when ferryboats were intensively used to transport building materials and thus employed a lot of people poured into this house.

The house is in ruins, the artefacts irretrievably damaged, known from the Club for Old Prague

Veronika Vicherkov, an architectural historian from the Club for Old Prague, who deals with the issue of monuments and the protection of cultural heritage, considers the investor’s approach dishonest. According to her, the company wants to use the financial aid it offers to the memory for positive self-presentation.

The municipality informed the investor about the correct schedule for the demolition, so that there would be more time to remove the artifact. The investor said that he would pay the cost of the salvage works… But he didn’t save that at the memorial. The house is in ruins, the artifacts irreversibly damaged. Besides, it looks like a suitable PR, mn Vicherkov.

According to him, it should also be noted that the house was not covered by day one protection and therefore the investor did not do anything illegal. However, the two institutions that manage the monument, i.e. the State of National Monuments and the Department of Monuments at the City Hall of the Capital City of Prague, have come out to preserve the building, at least its decorations, explains a teacher from the Faculty of Architecture at BUT.

But in such cases, they only have a recommended character. It is not illegal, but from my point of view it is definitely not cultural and ethical, concluded the architectural historian.

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