Murder like a horror movie. The dealer was supposed to kill with a knife and an ax in Teplice, he is in custody


Jaroslav Balvin

Reporter of the Ústí Region

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On Tuesday, April 2, the district court decided to impose detention on a 36-year-old man, who is known by some Teplice residents as a drug dealer under the given name of Tomáš. The police accuse him of having killed a middle-aged homeless woman in the past few days in the neglected area of ​​the former school in Alejní street in Teplice, where homeless people gather.

There were candles and tape at the scene of the woman’s murder, the man was taken into custody after the trial

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According to Deník, the man stabbed the woman with a knife, strangled her, and hit her with an ax. The crime was supposed to have taken place in a run-down area, paradoxically, not far from a well-known shopping center, probably on the night of Saturday to Sunday, April 31. Then the man was supposed to throw her body in a garbage can not far from the scene of the crime.

According to other testimonies, it is a man who distributed drugs. He is not only charged with the serious crime of murder, committed in a particularly cruel or painful manner, for which he faces an exceptional punishment. But also illegal production and other handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances and poisons.

The body of a woman was found in Alejní street in Teplice.

The police charged a man with murder, whom they detained because of a dead woman in Teplice

“I’m sorry to everyone,” the man told reporters in court as he was led into custody by police. Judge Lucie Yakut, at the request of the police and public prosecutor, approved his detention after a short hearing.

Until the beginning of the main trial, the man will probably not look out of the Teplice remand prison, where the escort took him after the closed session. So that he could not run away from the prospect of a high punishment, possibly repeat his act, or influence witnesses. “I saw an escape and a preemptive reason,” stated public prosecutor Vladimír Jan, adding that the court accepted his proposal.

The place where the crime took place.The place where the crime took place.Source: Diary/Jaroslav Balvín

According to Deník, the man and the woman had a relationship. Nothing is clear yet about the motive, but the man was probably under the influence of drugs. It is possible that the defense will point this out, because if the court found that the man was in a state of insanity, they would probably look at him less harshly. There were several candles today, blown out by the wind, near the place where the horrible crime took place. A homeless man was sleeping nearby. The crime scene is hidden from the public behind police tape.


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