Caught: I’ve been hit on the most by 100-kilogram guys. He gave his opinion on Olomouc

Caught: I’ve been hit on the most by 100-kilogram guys. He gave his opinion on Olomouc
Caught: I’ve been hit on the most by 100-kilogram guys. He gave his opinion on Olomouc

The classic Slavist acclimatization half-year did not apply to Mojmír Chytil. The 24-year-old forward entered the Prague lineup very quickly after the summer transfer and soon became a key player. Now he is experiencing the fight for the title, but also the fight for the EURO nomination. But would the native of Skalka allow himself any pressure? At all. “My phlegmatism helped me tremendously. I don’t have a problem dealing with pressure,” Chytil said in an interview for the Liga naruby podcast.

You can’t miss him on the field. Working with his back to the goal, Mojmír Chytil is perhaps the best attacker on Czech turf, his aggressive style of play in and around the goal drives defenders crazy. “I was hardened by futsal, where I played with 100-kilo guys when I was young,” he smiles.

The Slavist attacker made time for an interview during the presentation of the new national team jerseys in Prague’s Vinohrady. He talked about his position in the national team, his move to Slavia and other career ambitions. “I would definitely like to go abroad, but the first goal is the Champions League with Slavia. I don’t have any preferences about the competition, never have. I’m happy to watch every league,” he says.

The current problems of his former club Sigma Olomouc were also discussed. “I think people stopped going after relegation and they haven’t been able to get it back up to league level since then,” added one of the observations about the club that catapulted him into his career.

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What will you learn next from Mojmír Chytil?

  • Why does he appreciate the fans during the national team matches?
  • How does it work in the national team after the arrival of Ivan Hašek?
  • How did his playing style influence futsal and hockey?
  • Why would he like to beat Real Madrid one day?
  • What helped him in the smooth transition from Olomouc to Slavia?
  • How does he view the current tense situation in Olomouc?

Watch the VIDEO.

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