We are fine, the fans have the right to some things, says captain Breite


The captain of Sigma Olomouc, Radim Breite, evaluated his team’s defeat with Pardubice 0:2 in front of the journalists. The visibly disappointed midfielder also spoke about the atmosphere at the club.

You lost after a big mistake by goalkeeper Macík. What do you think about it?

Mistakes are part of football. If they weren’t, the matches end 0:0. And if someone makes a mistake, there are eleven players on the field and another five on the substitutes. We are a team from that to be able to do something about it. See my two chances. If I changed at least one, I think we can go to the cabins with a score of at least 1:1 and it could have been different.

Which do you blame more?

Both. Absolutely unequivocally. I hit both of them stupidly, and I think that if I cleaned it up to the pole of any one, he wouldn’t have it. But I put them in the middle.

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How is the current tense atmosphere around Sigma affecting the team?

It’s annoying, on the other hand, we don’t help it with our results and performances.

Sometime around the sixtieth minute, you were very nervous, you shouted something at your teammates. What was it for?

It seems to me that we are comfortable in some situations, or I don’t know what to call it, but they are ruply and we are in a situation where I don’t even know if it is good.

This defeat complicates the fight for the top six and you have to look to be in the middle group at all and at least have peace of mind.

That’s a hard word right now, but yeah. However, we cannot say that we will wrap anything here. We have four more matches, 2 of which we play against Slavia and Sparta. Nothing easy awaits us at all. Now we are going to Zlín, so I think we have a nice shift ahead of us.

Against Pardubice, five central players started in the midfield, what were their roles?

We wanted to be ready for Pardubice by the fact that when we watched their videos, they had four or five players in the middle, and we wanted to balance it out somehow. But the alpha and omega were deflected balls that we didn’t have and they did. They were more alive

The thank you party with the fans was probably not very pleasant. What was going through your head when they were booing you and throwing beer glasses at you?

It’s unpleasant. The fans are entitled to certain things at the current stage. So, although I’m not saying that it’s fine, but… I guess we can’t be surprised at them. The only thing we can do about it is put our heads down and start working.

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You have had a representative break, it was time to work on something. What have you been working on?

It’s hard to say here because I don’t think anyone will believe us, but the fortnight really looked great. The training process was great, but if you don’t manage the peak in the form of a match, then we can say what we want here, but it won’t look good for those people.

What do you most need to change for the next matches?

Everything, because we are not doing well at the moment. And it’s not the last few games. It’s almost spring already.

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