166 babies welcomed the spring days in the Olomouc maternity hospital


April 2, 2024

In March, 166 children saw the world for the first time in the largest maternity hospital in the Olomouc region. There were 78 girls, ten more boys. Most often, five times, the parents chose the first name Ema. Max was the first spring baby ever. He was born on March 20 at 4:31 a.m., so he missed the very beginning of spring by only 24 minutes. In a year-on-year comparison, it is like a swing with the March “account” in the Olomouc maternity hospital. If 166 children were born here this year, last year it was 176 babies, in 2022 there were 202, a year earlier 181, and in 2020 parents took 200 children home.

PS The nurses forced members of the Marketing Department team to present the statistics today. Supposedly to try out what it’s like to pose in front of the lens…

March 2024 in the maternity hospital of Olomouc National University

  • Number of children: 166
  • Number of girls: 78
  • Number of boys: 88
  • The smallest child born: 910 g, 36 cm
  • Largest child born: 5060 g, 54 cm
  • Oldest mother: 40 years old
  • Youngest mother: 17 years old
  • The most common names (we only list those with a frequency of three times or more): Ema 5x, Matěj 4x, Laura 4x, Anna 4x, Jakub 4x, Mikuláš 3x, Lukáš 3x, Viktor 3x, Maxim 3x, Jan 3x, Jindřich 3x, Julie 3x

Congratulations to the parents!

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