A man was burning an old log while clearing out the cottage, the explosion seriously injured him


Milan Kilian

Reporter of the Pilsen region

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A 42-year-old man in Koryty, near Klatov, almost paid with his life for clearing the cottage and burning the waste left by the previous owner on Easter Monday. There was an explosion. A rescue helicopter had to fly in for the seriously injured man, which transported him to the hospital.

Illustrative photo.

| Photo: Diary/Zdeněk VAIZ

“The man was cleaning out the building after the previous owner and burning things. There was an explosion and he was seriously injured,” police spokeswoman Barbora Šmaterová told Deník, adding that a pyrotechnician, a forensic expert and a technician from the Department of Forensic Technology and Expertise were sent to the scene. What exactly exploded is still under investigation, according to a spokesman. “We have initiated criminal proceedings in the matter on suspicion of committing the offense of serious bodily harm due to negligence,” added Šmaterová. According to the findings of the Journal, one possibility is that the cannon exploded.

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A rescue helicopter had to fly in for the injured. “A man, born in 1981, who suffered moderate injuries after the explosion, mainly on his lower limbs, was airlifted to the emergency department of the Lochotín University Hospital,” regional spokeswoman for the emergency medical service Mária Svobodová told Deník.

The mayor of Bezděkov, under which Koryta falls, Xenie Begerl told Deník that the municipality does not yet have any further information about the accident.


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