Other HHC-like substances are about to be banned. Permanent this time


In addition to HHC, THCP and HHC-O, the ministry wants to include other types derived from them on the list of prohibited substances. Specifically, substances known to users as HHCP, HHCH, HHCB, HHC-C8, THCH, THCB and THC-C8, as pointed out by ČTK.

While the government put the first three substances on the list only until 2025, the Ministry of Health proposes a permanent ban on the new ones.

“Sellers of products containing these substances have already announced in advance that they intend to market similar psychoactive substances that are not yet included in the list,” reads the draft government regulation.

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This week, however, the government will not decide on expanding the list yet. All comments are pending settlement.

A month ago, the head of the National Anti-Drug Central, Jakub Frydrych, said that they have identified 11 more cannabis substances that should also be banned.

“Already 14 days ago, we submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Health to include 11 more analogous substances that we reliably know are found in confectionery-type products and are available in the USA and Switzerland, where these substances are most imported to us,” he said at the time Frydrych.

Since then, the ministry has been evaluating possible risks and benefits. Anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil, addictologists and addiction experts opposed the HHC ban from the beginning. They argued that other substances will appear on the market that may be more risky and unexplored for youth and other users, which happened in early March. The sellers just changed the offer.

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“Hazard to Human Health”

This is what the Ministry of Health is now arguing in a new proposal for a ban. Experts have argued before that regulation is desirable, otherwise the bans will be endless.

“The new structures of cannabinoids are also offered (by sellers) in the form of acetates, the use of which in the form of vaping can pose a significant risk to human health,” the department states in the document. When inhaling these liquid preparations at higher temperatures, so-called ketones can be formed, which are dangerous to health.

In addition to the seven specific substances, the ban should also apply to esters or ethers derived from them. “This will cover a relatively large number of new substances with psychoactive effects on the human organism,” the proposal reads.

The sale, possession and consumption of HHC, HHC-O and THCP has been a criminal offense in the Czech Republic since March 6. The regulation was also approved by the European Commission, which the cabinet will have to inform about the further expansion of prohibited substances.

Compliance with the ban is regularly monitored by the food inspection and hygienists. They carried out 1,634 inspections by mid-March, found violations in fourteen cases and called in the police patrol. But most sellers comply with the prohibition.

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