IMAGE: Tough director. At the beginning of the final, the Rams lost 1:8

IMAGE: Tough director. At the beginning of the final, the Rams lost 1:8
IMAGE: Tough director. At the beginning of the final, the Rams lost 1:8

PHOTO GALLERY/ Hockey players from Vsetina recorded a better entry into the finals of the Chance League. They didn’t give the Rams a chance in Tuesday’s match, they deservedly won 8:1, and also kicked Daniel Huf out of the visitors’ goal. The Wallachians overcame Jan Srdínek for the first time. The second match of the series is scheduled for tomorrow, it starts again at 5:30 p.m.

The atmosphere at Lapača during the first Chance League final.

| Video: Diary/Radek Štohl

The Rams’ coaches did not touch the lineup after the last two winning games. The geldings were still missing former captain Jonák, his place in the elite formation was taken by Matějček.

The hockey players from Vsetín were the better team in the opening minutes, but paradoxically they were the first to score, after a pass from Novák, Kindl was able to mix up Žukov. Berzinš could have equalized for the home team, who has not yet been able to do it. Only his compatriot Zabus succeeded, who after a quick attack overcame Huf. The Zlín goalkeeper conceded after almost seven periods. The Wallachians’ further pressure did not lead to a goal.

Source: Diary/Radek Štohl

At the beginning of the second period, the visitors were weakened, but paradoxically they could have taken the lead, but Köhler did not get the ball. Vsetín, on the other hand, took the lead, Klhůfek’s shot sailed past Huf. The home team tested their numerical superiority for four minutes, in the second half they increased it to 3:1, and by the end of the third period they were leading by three goals.

The home team added two more goals in the 46th minute, thus finally breaking the resistance of the cobblers, they also expelled Huf from the goal, who was replaced by Kořenek. However, the second Zlín goalkeeper also conceded, which was taken care of by Matějček. At the end of the game, Valaš took care of one more goal, Holec put the final nail in the final 8:1 in numerical superiority. In the end, the Rams did not use the double power play.

Source: Diary/Radek Štohl

Source: Diary/Radek Štohl

Source: Diary/Radek Štohl

Source: Diary/Radek Štohl

Chance league, 1st final

VHK ROBE Vsetín – Berani Zlín 8:1 (1:1, 3:0, 4:0)

Goals and saves: 13. Zabusovs (Teper), 25. Klhůfek (Rob, Larsen), 31. Š. Jenáček (Rob, Teper), 38. Machala (Š. Bláha), 45. Teper (Rob, Klhůfek), 46. Zabusovs (Machala , Ondračka), 55. Matějček (Rob), 58. Holec (Kern, Hrňa) – 7. Kindl (Novák, Z. Sedlák).

Shots on goal: 40:22. Exclusion: 4:6. Use: 3:0. Referee: Bejček, Mejzlík – Kráľ, Štěpánek. Spectators: 4,336.

VHK ROBE Vsetín: Žukov (Romančík) – Smetana, Š. Jenáček, Staněk, Teper, Ondračka, Larsen, Ďurkáč – Matějček, Klhůfek, Rob – Holec, Kratochvil, Hrňa – Hořanský, Kern, Š. Bláha – Machala, Bērziņš, Zabusovs.

Zlín Rams: Huf (46. Kořének) – Salonen, Riedl, Cáp, Warg, Zboril, M. Novotný, Suhrada – Salmio, Holík, Paukku – Šlahař, Werbik, Süss – Novák, Kindl, Z. Sedlák – P. Sedláček, Sadovikov, Köhler .

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