Today: Harry Potter and Jewish Magic and One World

Today: Harry Potter and Jewish Magic and One World
Today: Harry Potter and Jewish Magic and One World

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When the French painter Pierre Bonnard met Martha de Méligny, he had no idea that this self-proclaimed aristocrat would become the inspiration and meaning of his life and work. In 1912, Pierre and Martha settled in a house in Normandy, where the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet was their neighbor. The surrounding charming landscape and its atmosphere inspired Bonnard to paint his best paintings including many nudes with Martha. Together, Pierre and Martha achieved their artistic fulfillment thanks to a colorful love different from the standards of their time, a love woven with a great mystery. Biographical picture The painter of her body today gives the Telegraph as part of a mini-show of French cinema.

Twenty-five years ago, millions of readers around the world fell under the spell of stories Harry Potter. However, we do not have to look for practices that could be called “magical” only on the pages of fictional narratives. “Magic has a very long and strong tradition in Judaism and to this day plays an important role in some Jewish communities. We will present possible parallels between these two worlds, especially the category of the struggle between good and evil. We will offer examples of aspects of Jewish magic that may have influenced the creation of the Potter novels and we will answer the question of whether and how Harry Potter influenced contemporary magical thinking and practice within modern Jewish communities,” the organizers of the lecture, which takes place today in The red church.

“It looks like an American suburb in the 1950s. Residents of Chagrin Valley, a facility for elderly people with dementia, sit in the front yards of their imaginary homes and gather in a square over which the sun never sets…” So reads the annotation to the picture Home of Chagrin Valleywhich you can today in Art of the Rubicon seen as part of the show One World. The traditional festival of human rights films enters its second day today and, in addition to the mentioned film, it will also offer many others at various locations in Olomouc. You can find the complete program here →

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