Survivor Czech Republic & Slovakia: Lempl Jack tagged everyone

Survivor Czech Republic & Slovakia: Lempl Jack tagged everyone
Survivor Czech Republic & Slovakia: Lempl Jack tagged everyone

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Today’s episode is a prelude to the bomb that will go off at the Hunters in the next episode. Everyone is fed up with Jack and he is useless to the tribe. His teammates have already noticed that his injured leg sometimes acts like a healthy one, when it comes to fights, suddenly the pain reappears and Jack is just a hungry neck that needs to be fed.

Filip is still undecided as to whether he should leave, but the postponement of the duel rather restores his appetite for the game. However, his hesitation is soon completely overshadowed by the behavior of Jack, who acts like a spoiled five-year-old.

The fight for the reward and the drama afterwards

This time the fight was focused on strength. 7 players from each tribe participated. Six pulled the wagon, the seventh threw the ball in the final. Of course, Jack was one of those who traditionally played the role of a spectator. He had excruciating leg pain again. If his injuries don’t get better, shouldn’t he go home?

A surprise awaited the Hunter only after returning home, when Filip read the message attached to the reward in the form of ten different meals. It was up to him to divide the meals. They all understood that the most abundant food would be given to those who had expended a lot of energy in the duel and those who were the most active in the contests and the most beneficial to the tribe. Except for Jack. He got a bowl of coconut because, in his case, he doesn’t need that much energy to lie around.

However, Jack wanted carrot cake (supposedly because he needs protein to heal). He was obviously not interested in the fact that there was not much protein in it, and he began to forcefully tell everyone that for “black jack” there is no food and how everyone keeps pushing him away. His mouth was full of racism, but of course he denied it the next day. In addition, the tribe instructed that the rewards were to be drawn. He completely ignored that no one else had a problem with the allotted food. Bandurko was only given a piece of toasted bread and simply ate it. Enraged, Jack refused the coconut.

At the Titans

Kristýna is a little upset that the Titans have no ambition to win. She doesn’t like that, for example, Ivanka brags about how much fun it was after losing a fight. From her point of view, it was a loss, and there’s nothing fun about that. In addition, the tribe is starving, which Ivana may not mind, but the others are losing strength. Kristýna reminds again that Yenifer made a fundamental mistake when she got rid of Kateřina, who was in good shape and one of the best in fights.

Next day Radek starts scheming and wants to force himself into an alliance with Tomáš, Márty and Kristýna. She even claims that she and Tomáš agreed that they would hold out until the end of the game. While Radek feels that he is a respected leader, others see him as a dangerous schemer, and that’s not exactly the most secure position.

Another fight and the funnest reward everyone loves

The auction is approaching and it’s every man for himself. Some succeed, some don’t. Money is collected for the fished flags and you can buy them with them. While players can transfer money, purchased rewards are theirs alone, with few exceptions. It was auctioned with gusto, someone was so tactical that in the end he didn’t even spend the money. And someone enjoyed a good piece of beef, a pizza, a bucket of chicken or a cake. Mikýř auctioned off a two-minute phone call home. Jack bought a message at a secret auction that he could only read when he returned to the tribal base.

So he read in the message that he was entitled to a reward from the duel if his tribe lost. But Jack wanted to punish the “racists” in his tribe, so he came up with the idea of ​​telling them that he still had two more votes at the next tribal council. But how he will present everything will be seen in the next episode. What is clear, however, is that no one from the Hunter tribe has sat on their ass from his win, and the branch they are sitting on is already starting to tilt a lot.

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