“Russian nuclear missiles are aimed at dozens of cities in the Czech Republic. It’s a shame what the West is sending to Ukraine”


“Czech armorers are recruiting people who worked in those armories in the 1970s, there is a great shortage of people, raw materials, everything. Ammunition is now being produced on a large scale, old tanks from the 1950s to the 1980s are being modernized or modified, and the experience gained by the companies of the former Czechoslovak arms industry is being dusted off,” says military analyst Jiří Vojáček.

“Already before the Russian invasion, there were NATO troops in Ukraine as part of training and advisory missions,” he says of French President Macron’s proposal for the possible deployment of NATO troops directly in Ukraine. Vojáček indicated that while this is a significant step that could involve NATO in a more intensive way in the war, it could lead to direct conflict with Russia if NATO soldiers were attacked. Vojáček claims that any further step by NATO, which would include the deployment of troops in Ukraine, would have a major impact on the further development and possible escalation of the conflict.

With the author of the podcast, Pavel Štrunec, he also discussed Russian activities towards the Czech Republic, “There are dozens of Czech cities at which Russian nuclear missiles are aimed. In Russia, the rankings of who are the biggest enemies of the Russian Federation have been published. We, together with the Poles, the British and the Americans, always occupied the leading positions there,” says Jiří Vojáček.

Regarding the purchases of the Czech army, Vojáček mainly draws attention to the problem of ill-conceived and poorly planned purchases of army equipment. “There is a risk that part of the purchased F-35 aircraft will cost, that we will buy something that we will not actually need in the future,” says Vojáček about the purchase of aircraft.

At the end of the interview, he also mentions the issue of the dysfunctional and poorly equipped government squadron: “The government squadron that our politicians use for foreign trips is actually a complete example of what is wrong with our army. The prime minister flew to the United Arab Emirates for a series of negotiations with the Arab sheikhs by airliner, the sheikhs looked at it rather strangely,” adds Jiří Vojáček.

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