New in Prague 6: Ceremonial welcoming of dogs

New in Prague 6: Ceremonial welcoming of dogs
New in Prague 6: Ceremonial welcoming of dogs

Ceremonies welcoming children in Prague 6 will be extended to welcome dogs. In the representative premises of the Glass Palace, a special space adapted for this festive ceremony is created.

Modifications began over the weekend with the installation of the red carpet platform. “Recognizing the important role of four-legged friends in our lives is essential to strengthening the six-legged community spirit. On the part of the district, it is also a symbolic thank you to responsible dog walkers who pay fees for their dogs and clean up excrement,” says Jakub Stárek, mayor of Šestka, who personally welcomes every newly registered dog in the district.

The dog will be welcomed by the mayor and the preacher

The dogs will also get to shake their paws with the mayor. Photo: P6

The ceremony will include not only the presentation of the Canine Citizen’s Card, but also a ceremonial “Pawshake” with the mayor, a blessing by a canine preacher for a long and happy life, and the presentation of a commemorative stamp with an engraved name. Each dog will also receive a collar, a bowl and a blanket with the Prague 6 logo.

The district council concluded a contract with a local dog food manufacturer for the production of granules in the shape of a six. “We believe that this unprecedented step will strengthen the ties between citizens and at the same time underline the important role that dogs play in our lives,” reads the council’s resolution.

The canine ceremonial hall in Skleňák, decorated with the wallpaper of a blooming meadow, will also serve as a photo corner, each dog will receive a set of commemorative photos.

Since the summer, the town hall has been planning to set up a special ceremonial meadow in Břevnov, according to the project of the Five Happy Paws association. Although skeptics and critics describe the plan as “barking madness”, the reality proves the truth of the town hall, which already registers four dozen registered people who are eagerly waiting for the first ceremony.

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