He didn’t like how the foreign vehicle was parked

He didn’t like how the foreign vehicle was parked
He didn’t like how the foreign vehicle was parked

ZLÍNSKO: He announced that an explosive was stored in it.

On a weekend night, a thirty-two-year-old man from the village near Luhačovice, heavily intoxicated, got a bad idea and reported to the police emergency line that an explosive was stored in a vehicle parked in the center of Luhačovice. He’ll probably think twice about calling 911 next time. He can spend up to three years in prison for spreading an alarmist message.

The man consumed alcohol all day. In the evening, he thought he would go to a disco in Luhačovice. Once he got there, he didn’t like the way the BMW was parked. It seemed to him that he was standing in a place where it was forbidden. He solved the problem in a way appropriate to his condition. He called 158.

When several police patrols arrived at the scene, he apparently realized what he had caused and came to confess to the police and explain what led him to call 911. His breath test showed a value of 3.19 per thousand of alcohol. The police took him to the anti-alcohol detention center in Kroměříž, and the following day he was questioned at the District Police Department in Luhačovice on suspicion of committing a crime.

April 3, 2024, Lt. Bc. Monika Kozumpliková

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