The Prague policeman who unleashed the violence while drunk ended up off duty


On Wednesday, the police informed about the development in the case

“The proceedings in the case of dismissal, which the superior conducted with the person in question, ended and the police officer was dismissed from duty. The case at the criminal level is still being dealt with by the General Inspection of the Security Forces,” the police wrote.

In general, the procedure for out-of-service status is approached, for example, when the member in question is being investigated due to suspicion of some illegal act. When police officers are off duty like this, they are not allowed to go to work, and by law they are entitled to an income equal to fifty percent of their service income.

The aforementioned policeman is still in the process of clarifying the legal qualification regarding the commotion, and especially the violence that he unleashed according to the testimony.

A girl attacked by a drunk policeman had to be operated on

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Aggravating the circumstances is the fact that the victim suffered a broken leg, ended up in the hospital, and even had to undergo surgery. In addition, her treatment subsequently dragged on.

The camera also caught a very rough moment when the policeman grabbed the kneeling girl with her head on the ground by her hair and without warning, without her looking at him, pulled her with all his strength into the road in his direction. The girl then remained lying down.

The policeman’s partner, also a law enforcement officer, is also involved in the incident, and her role is also being examined by superiors and inspections. The police officer inhaled 2.6 per thousand, his partner 1.6.

They haven’t fired a drunken policeman for violence yet, although they can

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