The Toxi team tracked down, arrested and charged five more drug dealers


As part of the fight against the spread of drug addiction, criminal investigators have managed to track down, arrest and convict several drug dealers across the Pilsen Region in recent days.

The TOXI team, in cooperation with other police officers, detained three persons who were responsible for the distribution of narcotic and psychotropic substances as part of two police actions. “In the first case, the police commissioner initiated criminal prosecution of two men aged 38 and 43, when, according to the facts established so far, the younger of them bought meth, which he then sold to at least twenty-eight people. He provided them with more than 160 grams of this drug. The man had with him during the arrest, a plastic bag with methamphetamine, and during a search of his home, the detectives later found another plastic bag, this time with dry plant material.” the police spokeswoman described the case to us.

“The older of the accused men was dealing in meth from at least December of last year until March of this year. He obtained the drug from the first accused and then distributed it.
During the second police operation, the Tachov criminal police arrested a forty-year-old man who was procuring meth and then distributing it to other people. During a search of his home, the police found bags of methamphetamine and over half a kilogram of marijuana.” added the spokeswoman.

“In the third case, they accused an eighteen-year-old man who, according to the facts established so far, sold marijuana for several thousand crowns in at least 95 cases since last March and the drug meth in at least 10 cases. The young man was even supposed to have manufactured the drug himself. During a search of his home, the police found plant material dry matter, which is now the subject of further investigation,” the police spokeswoman continued.


The last accused is a thirty-three-year-old man from Pilsen. “He sold tens of grams of methamphetamine and tens of grams of marijuana to at least seven people over the course of several months. He earned more than 60,000 crowns. Even in this case, the criminal police arrested and convicted the accused man, thanks to the excellent operative work of the policemen from the Pilsen TOXI team and others police forces,” the police spokeswoman concluded, saying that all five accused men face up to five years in prison if found guilty.


What is the TOXI team?

Police officers from the so-called TOXI teams worked on the cases in cooperation with other police units. The TOXI team is part of the criminal police and investigation service and is made up of experienced investigators and selected criminalists, who together form an important component of the fight against drug crime.
Their task is to detect illegal laboratories, so-called brewhouses, and drug manufacturers, nurseries and growers of plants containing narcotic or psychotropic substances, at the same time to eliminate the activities of dealers and distributors of preparations containing these substances and to identify persons who help them in this illegal activity.


Years ago, we did a report with criminalists directly from that team, and one of them told us about his work: “Drugs are terrible crap and we see what they do to people every day. Sometimes the first dose is enough and you never get off the express. The worst effects of drugs are on children and youth, which of course also applies to Pilsen.
Feel free to write the truth there, that in Pilsen our children are also fettling, the alpha-omega of this problem is the family, followed by the school after a while. A boy who spends the whole afternoon playing football and wants to get some results is not going to cheat, and of course he is not going to reach for hard drugs either. Of course, parents should also be interested in what kind of friends their child has and what kind of parties they stick to.

Another sad phenomenon of recent times is the generational phenomenon of drug addiction. When I joined here many years ago, we investigated Mr. XY for drugs, and today his descendants are in the same drug mess.
But sometimes we also make a confessional willow. It happens to us quite often that the poor dependent simply needs help, he comes alone without having committed anything, he is really down and afraid to do something. In that case, we know each other and, of course, we cooperate with many experts who will provide him with that help.”

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