Zeman was released from the hospital, but he was banned: The first photo after the end of hospitalization


Ex-president Zeman headed straight home to Lán after his release from Motolská Hospital. His nurse also came to see him.

“After the release of President Miloš Zeman from the hospital, a team of our general practitioners, with the cooperation of home care nurses, is once again taking over care. Emphasis will be placed especially on rehabilitation. We believe that Mr. President will soon be able to return to the normal regime as before his hospitalization. At the same time I would he was pleased to highly appreciate the top-notch work of the entire team of the Motol University Hospital, where the president will also visit for regular check-ups,” said Zeman’s treating practitioner Boris Šťastný, managing director of the RESPIMED clinic, for Blesk Zprávy.

Able to meet in a walker

“The current laboratory findings are favorable, the ex-president is able to walk in a walker and his condition is improving. A treatment and care plan for the following period has been set up.” it is written in the press release that Zeman he was released to home care today. The same was later repeated by Motola’s deputy Lucie Valentová Bartáková.

The head of the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Education Medicine of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University (2nd Faculty of Medicine, UK) and FN Motol Pavel Kolář said that during hospitalization, standard rehabilitation was carried out with the aim of mobilizing the patient. She will continue to receive home care. His colleague subsequently added that the council members were in the final stages of hospitalization they only participated in dressings of Zeman due to possible complications.

“Our goal was to convert him to oral nutrition, that is, to have the patient feed himself,” Radan Keil, head of the Internal Medicine Clinic of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the UK and FN Motol, said about the last phase of Zeman’s hospitalization. According to him, the patient is remains fragile, but the doctors are satisfied with the result.

Hospital director Miloslav Ludvík he thanked the doctors for their commitment. “It was all business as usual,” he said.

He is not going to Slovakia

It looks like the president has no plans to rest for the next few days. Instead, he should have an interview with Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fice on TV station TA3. But critics point out that it may be pre-election support for Pellegrini, who will fight for the presidency against Ivan Korčkok (59) in the second round at the weekend.

The interview itself and the support would not matter so much, however, today there is already an election moratorium in Slovakia, when campaigning is prohibited. Although Zeman wanted to go directly to Slovakia before the elections, the doctors did not recommend it. “Mr. President is not going anywhere. He should stay at home for at least three days now.” Kolář told reporters. The debate should therefore take place via a video camera.

The problem is a blood clot

During the procedure, the doctor, seventy-nine-year-old Zeman, who suffers from diabetes, they removed the clot and performed angioplasty. Because of the swelling in his leg, they had to perform so-called fasciotomies, i.e. cut the coverings of the muscles. After several days of hospitalization, both wounds were able to gradually close. However, blood clots in the legs can also recur, which doctors try to prevent with prescribed treatment.

In autumn 2021, Zeman spent almost 50 days in the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN). Doctors justified the need for care at the time by complications associated with a chronic disease, which they did not specify.

The President of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil (ODS) even announced at the time that “in the opinion of the ÚVN, Zeman is now unable to perform any work duties due to health reasons, and the prognosis for his health is extremely uncertain, according to the hospital.” After his release, Zeman had permanent home nursing care.

A book about the period around his hospitalization at the time, Conspiracy, is to be published in April. Its author, Luboš Procházka, a journalist and Zeman’s colleague, ČTK informed that the launch of the book was postponed due to Zeman’s health moves from the originally planned April 16 to April 24.

President Miloš Zeman arrived in Lán after his release from the Motol hospital (April 3, 2024)

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