Liberec submitted two successful buildings to the Liberec Region Building of the Year competition


04/03/2024 16:31 | Press Release

Two Liberec city buildings are competing for the Liberec Region Building of the Year 2024 – Karel Hubáček competition in this year’s 20th jubilee year. Namely, the reconstruction of the MALÍNEK KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL and the construction of APARTMENT HOUSES IN ŽIŽKOV.


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MALÍNEK KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL (today Lvíček) The preschool underwent a complete reconstruction of the existing building, including new insulation and roof repair. At the same time, a new building was built in the area of ​​the newly landscaped garden. In the new extension, there are two playrooms, the necessary facilities and a room for physical activities. In total, capacity was increased by 48 places.

APARTMENT BUILDINGS IN ŽIŽKOV New residential construction of 3 houses with a total of 49 apartments for 150 people. The city thus ensured affordable housing for target groups – households with low incomes and people in housing need. It is a combination of social and affordable standard rental housing.

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