Pavel: We must not turn a blind eye to threats


“We should not close our eyes, otherwise we will end up like the proverbial monkeys: I don’t see, I don’t hear, I don’t speak and I wait,” said the president at a conference on the importance of cooperation between the academic community and the military, which was organized by the Czech Technical University on Wednesday.

According to Pavel, the war is not only in Ukraine, but the situation in the Middle East and around the Red Sea, where Yemeni Houthi rebels are attacking ships, is also very dangerous.

“Their activity can affect the entire world economy,” said Pavel. According to him, some politicians like to ignore these threats and label everyone who draws attention to them as wanting war.

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According to the president, soldiers and scientific institutions should currently join forces as much as possible so that the army is combat-ready and able to face a potential aggressor.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Karel Řehka, stated that the soldiers are clearly aware that modern technologies can change the situation on the battlefield, and that is why they are following developments and have been cooperating with Czech universities, and especially with CTU, for a long time.

“Those who can use technology today will gain an advantage in the future, and those who can’t will cease to be relevant on the battlefield, and the army cannot afford that,” said Řehka.

According to him, they are already cooperating with scientists from universities on specific projects. “It’s a matter of artificial intelligence, big data processing, automatic detection of certain information in the network. But it is also, for example, the search for alternative fuels,” Řehka listed the fields of cooperation.

Drones and mobile magnetic resonance

Developers from CTU help soldiers develop drones and train military operators of unmanned vehicles. The army has been using them for many years and is preparing a large purchase of various drones, from the smallest ones that can carry ammunition to larger machines for detailed terrain surveillance.

Pavel considers drones important, but he would not overestimate their capabilities.

“My predecessor said: Don’t buy tanks, buy drones. But there is a need for synergy. Ukrainians can destroy Russian tanks using unmanned means, but with good cooperation of drones with heavy equipment, high combat efficiency can be achieved,” said Pavel.

CTU Rector Vojtěch Petráček noted that the school has several teams that develop the use of not only drones, but also their entire unions with the soldiers. He did not want to be more specific for security reasons.

“It’s about being able to build, together with our defense components, what I would call an intelligent deterrent force that can deter potential adversaries,” Petráček said.

According to the rector, a number of projects relate to medicine, for example, and could also help soldiers. “At the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, they are preparing a magnetic resonance imaging that will be transported by ambulance. This is great progress against indoor monsters,” Petráček told Novinkám.

He added that another project is to remotely monitor the health of soldiers. “Command will know how badly someone is injured and how quickly they need to be rescued.”

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