Residents of Lovosice can propose projects to improve life in the city


Lovosice City Hall launched the first year of the so-called participatory budget. Citizens can send proposals to the office for various projects that would improve life in the city, and the public will vote on them in the fall. The joint treasury will release money for the winning ones and they will become a reality.

People with permanent residence in Lovosice can send ideas and suggestions to their town hall via the application Municipality. And that until the end of June. After that, the office will have until the end of October to assess whether individual proposals can be implemented at all. The published rules of the participatory budget state, among other things, that the price of one project must range from 50,000 to a maximum of 1 million crowns, that it must not be a modification of the housing stock, and that the public must have free access to or use of the result for most of the day.

In total, the city treasury allocated 2 million crowns for this year. What will happen to them will be decided by the people of Lovosica themselves by voting in the month of November.

“Participatory budgeting is a great tool with which you decide how the town hall will use part of its money. Each of you can propose a project that will make our city cozier or improve the quality of life for the local community. So if you know about places that deserve a positive change, or about cultural events that would be attractive to the city’s residents and you want to get involved in the decision-making process for 2 million crowns, you are in the right place,” writes Mayor Vojtěch Krejčí on the page of the We Create project The hunter.

Lovosice want to save local shops. They will give away two million to customers

This year, citizens can come up with and propose investments themselves. This was not the case last year during the pilot year. At that time, there was a choice of “only” eight proposals presented by special committees of the city council. This involved, for example, the restoration of the children’s playground in Nádražní street, the establishment of an educational trail across Lovosice, the addition of bike racks to schools or the construction of a new climbing wall in the Osmička forest park. In the end, 805 voters chose the modernization of the bike path to Malé Žernoseke and the addition of lighting in the forest park.

If one of the proposals did not succeed last time, citizens can nominate it again without restrictions.

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Source: Diary/Jaroslav Balvín


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