Dozens of doctors from Pardubice filed their resignations because of poorly paid wages


Doctors from six hospital departments, who have not yet officially commented on the crisis in the Pardubice hospital, resigned without giving a reason immediately before the Easter holidays. “Some spoke anonymously,” added Olejár.

“The management of the Pardubice hospital violated the preliminary agreement on how the increased salaries will increase. Therefore, people feel cheated. I offered help to the Pardubice doctors,” confirmed the chairman of the Medical Trade Union Club, Martin Engel.

The resignation of such a large number of doctors could not happen overnight

Luboš Olejár

“This is a conflict that arose between the doctors and the hospital management,” added Ján Motešický, a doctor in the anesthesiology and resuscitation department (ARO).

Netolicky: I didn’t know anything

The governor of the Pardubice region Martin Netolicky (3PK/SOCDEM) did not hide the discrepancies between the doctors and the hospital management. He is said to have learned about the crisis in one of the regional hospitals only on March 28.

At the same time, the region is the 100% owner of the company Nemocnice Pardubický kraj. “I will find out where the truth is, and I will act accordingly towards the management of the Pardubice hospital,” stated the governor.

The work of the hospital’s personnel and payroll department was accompanied by dissatisfaction for a long time. “The agenda of this department should not have been mastered,” specified the governor.

At the Pardubice Hospital, 56 doctors resigned at once


As sources from medical circles in Pardubice, whose identities are known to the editors, told Novinka, the long-term unresolved disagreements between the hospital’s management and staff have been downgraded.

“Health care in the Pardubice region is run by incompetent people appointed according to political, let’s say ‘friendship’, not professional competence. In short, a mess. Undemocratic labor relations reign in the Pardubice hospital. People are afraid to speak slowly as under harsh totalitarianism,” says the doctor from Pardubice.

Threatened operative

Ten ARO doctors resigned, which, according to Olejár, could mean a threat to operatives. “If the doctors do not withdraw their notices, it can have an unimaginable impact on life-saving procedures,” says Olejár.

“We are therefore monitoring the situation at the Pardubice hospital. The resignations of such a large number of doctors could not have happened overnight, without previous initiatives, which the hospital management apparently ignored,” assumes Olejár.

“We do not know the reason for the resignations. There were no previous signals,” says Kateřina Semrádová, spokeswoman for the Pardubice Region Hospital.

“We will do everything to settle the situation. “A two-month notice period applies. Patients shouldn’t feel it,” said Semrádová.

The statements of the doctors affected only the hospital in Pardubice. They do not apply to other regional health facilities in Chrudim, Ústí nad Orlicí, Svitavy and Litomyšl.

Director of the ÚVN Zavoral ends


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