They got behind the wheel despite the ban

They got behind the wheel despite the ban
They got behind the wheel despite the ban

Police of the Czech Republic – KŘP Ústí Region

ÚSTECKO – Drivers – non-drivers did not respect the driving ban issued by the court.

They got behind the wheel despite the ban
Trmič police officers stopped two drivers (32.47) during a traffic control in Na Drahách and Beneš Lounský streets yesterday afternoon. The police asked the driver to present all the necessary documents to drive. However, both drivers could not present their driver’s licenses, as they had been banned from driving all motor vehicles. The police officers forbade the drivers to continue driving and detained them. They are currently suspected of the criminal offense of Obstructing the execution of an official decision, for which, if proven guilty in court, they face a prison sentence of up to 2 years, a fine or a ban on activity.

Spraying the train
Ústí police officers are looking for vandals who shortly after midnight on April 1. in the railway station Ústí nad Labem – západ, they sprayed a parked train set of a passenger train. The police documented the location and tracks and requested camera footage. The preliminary calculated damage is around 30 thousand crowns.

Ústí nad Labem on April 3, 2024
pore. Veronika Hyšplerová
spokesperson of the police of the Ústí Region

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