North Bohemia is crying. A respected coaching legend has died. She also led the heroes from Nagano


Miloslav Hereit, who played in the second league for Hrdlovka and later became famous as the coach of Baník Osek, died at the age of 94. But in Litvínov, as a hockey youth coach, he led Ručínský, Lang, Reichel and other future stars. Until recently, he was active and led young children in Osek.

Miloslav Hereit is an honorary citizen of the city of Osek, holder of the prestigious Dr. Václav Jíra and the Josef Masopust Prize. He was born on February 18, 1930 in Hrdlovka, during the occupation he and his parents had to move to Prague. But the Hereits were happy to return to the north of Bohemia. Trained as a mechanic, in this field he worked in the President Gottwald deep mine. He spent his basic military service in Vysoké Mýto between 1951 and 1954.

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After returning from the war, he actively played football for adults in the football team Hornický SK Hrdlovka, where he spent his entire football career. In 1964, he even played in the second highest competition for the same team. He ended his active career in 1966 and then devoted himself to coaching, raising young footballers in Teplice as well. He holds the 2nd and 3rd coaching class. In 1954 he married Zdenka Frejová and in 1960 their son Miloslav was born.

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He met many famous personalities in his football life. He is most connected by his friendship with international football player Karol Dobiáš, the European champion from 1976 and a long-time player of Bohemians Prague. Since his son started playing hockey for CHZ Litvínov in 1966, he started to train youth in this team. Even at this time, he continued to train the youth in soccer.

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In hockey, for example, later world champions and Olympic winners from Nagano Robert Reichel, Jiří Šlégr, Martin Ručínský and Robert Lang passed through his hands. From 1965, after moving from Hrdlovka, he lived in Osek, where he continued to play youth football. For his many years of activity for youth football in Osek, Mr. Miloslav Hereit received honorary citizenship of the city in 2021.

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