A new workshop for adults in the regional gallery will focus on the soul


Author: Adéla Čuříková

In April, the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín will offer a new series of creative workshops for adults focused on psychohygiene and the role of art in our lives. The course entitled CLEANING HOUSE – art against anxiety will take place on three dates on April 8, 15 and 29 directly in the exhibitions between the works of art.

“This back-to-back workshop came out of the fact that worry and anxiety are starting to permeate our society more and more. We are convinced that art is one of the means to “manage” yourself, and what’s more, how to learn to pamper your own soul. In the fast, scattered time of over-information in which we live, we find opportunities to look back into ourselves through art. Perhaps art leads to a path to oneself. And if it leads to oneself, it also leads to others,” Petr Nýdrle, pedagogue and director who leads courses in acting, creative writing and rhetoric, introduced the event. He will lead the course together with illustrator and lecturer Jana Svobodová, who deals with imagination as a source of inspiration in her lessons.

The workshop has three phases. The first of them April 8 will focus on Breath, soul, inner monologue and ME. A week later 15 th of April will be the topic Dreams, fear, reality and fantasy, nightmares and the last April 29 will attend to Touch, feel and clay. Individual lessons always take place between 16.30-18.00. The price for 3 workshops is 250 CZK, for each workshop separately it is 110 CZK. The individual lessons follow each other, but it is also possible to visit them separately.

Pre-sale and more information can be found at www.galeriezlin.cz.


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