With or without opposition. We need to raise the retirement age, Fiala said

With or without opposition. We need to raise the retirement age, Fiala said
With or without opposition. We need to raise the retirement age, Fiala said

On Wednesday, President Petr Pavel revealed that, standing behind his years, he spent a week on Thursday on pension reforms with the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Marian Jureka from the KDU-SL, and representatives of the ANO. Pavel said then and now again that everyone agreed that he would have to extend his retirement age in the future.

Alena Schillerov, a member of the ANO parliamentarian, refuted this agreement after that day at the Castle in a joint appearance in front of the newspaper. In the middle, Fiala said to the pension reform that it is not in five minutes to twelve, but five minutes after twelve. It takes courage, even when it’s not popular. We have to do it. We are responsible for the government, added the prime minister.

In the debates, she was so silent. Fiala admitted that it is not an easy darkness for him, for example also because he is from Moravia. In the surrounding countries, there is no tax on them, that is one argument. I heard that she tried one expert for some of the wines. I think we will reach a reasonable agreement, said the prime minister. According to him, it is not only about the tax itself, but also about the effects on the wine.

We have to do it, and we will agree with the opposition, what I would like, and we are ready to negotiate. Or we have to do it without the opposition, because it’s not five minutes to twelve, it’s five minutes past twelve, said Petr Fiala on raising the retirement age in the What’s Up Prime Minister program. https://t.co/ypcS07aiLm

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The security and fate of Europe’s customs are at stake

Regarding Slovak relations, which have recently become heated, the truce said that the security and fate of the whole of Europe is at stake. We have to show that we can help Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression, the prime minister said, noting that he did not intend to interfere in Slovak politics.

Regarding the aid to Ukraine itself and the Czech initiatives for the purchase of anti-aircraft ammunition, he said that he could ask the government whether he would reveal to the public how much money the Czech Republic had spent in this regard. Fiala, however, pointed out at the same time that it is not possible to share everything for security reasons.

The Prime Minister just stated that the government has allocated hundreds of millions of crowns for the current purchase of ammunition. According to his words, the answer is the size of an eska.

Vron at first NK

The Darkness was the Supreme Control Agency (NK), which warned last year that the Czech Republic was not prepared for crises and emergency situations. Prime Minister Fiala obviously commented with the words that the crime is in general. But we have to realize that, first of all, it is the tk who carried out the ad in 2018 and 2022. The crime does not affect the government, he said.

Among other things, the Supreme Audit Office (NK) stated in Vron that the responsible institutions underestimated many events, such as the covid-19 pandemic, and did not use enough of them. ad thus drew attention to the fact that the increase in the income of the state budget did not help enough to reduce the pace of state indebtedness. Debt service marriages and compulsory marriages grew.

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