A new section of the Budjovice-Prague line was opened, trains sped up in the middle of December

A new section of the Budjovice-Prague line was opened, trains sped up in the middle of December
A new section of the Budjovice-Prague line was opened, trains sped up in the middle of December

From the stop of the red line, trains ran in the section of the red line at the Votice stop – Votice only on one track, a second train was being worked on. Horse now. The original track was replaced by a 20-kilometer long track.

On holidays, they managed to go there, for example, to the anti-noise wall and to board at the Jeetica and Hemanika stops

A full-fledged two-track operation is now in operation. For the time being, a speed of only 110 km/h will be introduced in the new section from the 1st of the bags. The reason is the necessary name on the railway and the evaluation of the location of the tracks.

From the middle of December, i.e. from the start of the validity of the new roadway, the trains will start to travel at the full track speed of 160 km/h, until the installation of the ETCS system. They will then be able to accelerate to 200 km/h.

Thanks to the new line, the train travel time from Prague to other cities will be shortened at the same time. From the middle of December, the express trains will cover the route between Prague and Tbor in 59 minutes, shared the editor-in-chief of Sprva eleznic Ji Svoboda.

It will be 17 minutes faster than before the start of construction work. The journey from Prague to Budjovice will take 100 instead of the original 122 minutes, Svoboda continued.

The modernization of the corridor between Sudomice and Votice will cost a total of 6.7 billion crowns. It started in 2018 and all work was completed in five years. The contractor is OHLA S.

Trains depart from Sobslav on the 11th z

Another new line on the Budjovice-Prague route will soon start operating, this time it will be the Sobslav – Doub u Tbora line. Start of monorail traffic Railway Administration assumption 11. z.

This will be preceded by a patrol between Vesel nad Lunic and Tbor from the 2nd to the 11th, when the security system will be activated there.

For the first few days, trains in this city will travel at a speed of 50 km/h. The speed is increased to 110 km/h, with the exception of connecting the old and new tracks in Doub u Tbora, where it will then be limited to 50 km/h around the workplace, and the speed limit to 30 km/h near the pedestrian area for the Sobslavi railway station until the underpass is completed.

From November 1, the operable type of track is filled, the only limited one will then be branched off at the Sobslav station, full-fledged two-track operation will begin on December 12, and the speed will increase to 16 km/h again, and here it is also filled to the tune of two hundred.

Between Sobslav and Doubm, the situation is from 2019, it will be completely finished in five years. The estimated total costs are 4.8 billion crowns and the contractor is a consortium of companies Strabag Rail, Eurovia CS and Metrostav.

On the railway between Budjovice and Prague, there is a mistake to modernize the section between Evtne and Nemanice near Budjovice. There, the state is now considering whether to build it as a PPP, i.e. in cooperation between the public and private sectors. This is the current state of the D4 road between Pbram and Psk.

The section from Evtna to Nemanice is 17 kilometers long and consists of two large tunnels, Chotansk (4810 meters) and Hosnsk (3120 meters). That is why the estimated investment is 20 billion crowns. The deadline is closed regularly, and the postponement takes longer.

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